Capture: She said YES

About three weeks ago I got a very nondescript call from my brother. “Can you come home on the 15th to take pictures?”…. “Pictures of what?”….”well just some pictures”…

After some prodding I got him to fess up that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend. Duh, I would come home to capture the moment!

He decided to propose at the City Club – it’s a great (members only) restaurant atop “the green building” in Dallas. Since it was an exclusive place he knew there wouldn’t be lots of people around and it would be a private dinner/proposal.

IMG_0207 copy

Needless to say, he dropped to one knee and she said yes…

IMG_0195 copy

IMG_0211 copy

IMG_0204 copy

IMG_0220 copy

I am so glad I was asked to be apart of such a special moment. They have both waited so long and search for just the right person – watching them finally find each other has been perfect.

IMG_0231 copy

IMG_0239 copy

Congratulations, Aaron and April – I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!

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  1. That's wonderful!!! Congratulations to them both!!!

    I haven't heard too many proposal stories this year, and I have been missing them! It's such a regular part of my job I MISS them when I don't hear them! Congrats!!! :) And the ring is GORGEOUS!