Capture: Gotcha Day

The local church is such an amazing thing. It’s a place where all walks of life gather for one common purpose – to know God more.

Serving my church just comes naturally to me – but lately I have realized the church has served me far beyond measure. The relationships I have gained through my service in the Children’s Ministry, Community Groups, and Women's Ministry far outweigh anything I could ever give to the church.


When I bought my house I felt as though God was calling me to something. I could feel it but I just didn’t know what exactly it was. It was this tangible pull on my heart. Through lots of chatter with others I decided to provide
respite care (babysitting for foster kiddos) to local families at my church. Thus, I met the Craig family.


The Craig's took foster care to the next level, not only did they take in a sibling set (all three girls) they also felt called to adopt the girls. If only you knew these precious girls. With everything they have been through – all the ups and downs – these girls still know how to love and their joy is palpable.


So, on their “Gotcha Day” (adoption day) I was asked to come and be with the family and take a few pictures. What an awesome experience.




My heart is so happy knowing these girls now have a forever home with a family that will love them unconditionally – even better than that, they are on the fast track to having a real relationship with Christ.
Watching God work through foster care and adoption is such an experience – an experience I would have never had if it had not been for my amazing church.

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  1. Great job at making me cry this morning. Do you have no respect for a woman's mascara?