From the sounds of it

...You have missed me... well I have missed you too.

Goodness I didn't intend to take so much time off but it was refreshing.

Here is what is coming at you this week:

- handmade christmas (a run down of all the great gifts)
- dining room table (if you follow me on instagram you have already gotten a peek at this)
- new additions to the house
- life rearranged... and organized

Over the holidays I hosted a few friends for dinner on New Years Eve. I never realized how much I really enjoy having people over. Opening up my home to others really makes my heart smile.

 I set out my hand-me down china on a festive place mat and added the much needed wine and champagne glasses.

Right before my guests arrived I had this idea hit - I need to mark the seats (because seat markers scream dinner party) but I didn't have time to craft away.

Simply solution // clothes pins.

Not only did they serve as place markers but also glass markers! Win // Win

The more I thought through these little additions, the more possibilites that came to mind. Think of them cutely covered with glitter or festive paper. I bet pom-poms would really spice things up!

The best part about the glass markers/seat cards is that they are very easy to remove and replace. So when it was time to toast - we poured the champagne and changed the markers to our flutes.

 Cheers! Hope your new year brings all sorts of happiness and joy!

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