Create: Handmade Christmas {Part Two}

This was the one gift that had everyone asking where on Pinterest I found the idea. Little did they know, this gift came straight from my own noggin. No pinteresting needed.

When I had my butcher block countertops installed there were a few leftover pieces of different shapes and sizes that I decided to hold on to "just in case". A year later one of those pieces got put to use.

Not everyone has left over butcher block but this could be done with any sort of scrap wood. Obviously the thicker the better...

I taped off the wood on either side about 1 1/2 inches in. Unlike what most people would use, chalkboard paint, I grabbed what I had on hand - Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Graphite.


After adding Waterlox to the exposed wood this cheese board was ready to be "seasoned".  Typically, Annie Sloan paint needs to be sanded down then waxed and buffed to get the proper finish. I however, wanted to make this more of a chalkboard finish so no sanding/waxing/buffing was needed. Like any other chalkboard you need to run over the surface with the flat side of chalk to make sure the initial writing/drawing on your surface doesn't stay forever!

Now all this board needs is some cheese.. or appetizers... or even a flight of wine/beer. The benefit of this type of serving piece is the ability to write out what you are serving rather than telling EVERYONE a million types the different cheeses you put out.

This is one of those gifts I keep thinking about making for myself. I just love it!

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  1. Love this! You win for most creative DIY Christmas this year. So many fantastic gifts.