Create: Handmade Christmas {Part Five}

The end has come. Last two Handmade Christmas posts today. I decided to group these two together because a) I forgot to take many pictures and b) they are both fun outdoor/tailgating type games.
You’ll remember earlier in December I showed you how to DIY a cornhole set. Since then I stained and painted that sucker and handed it over to my brother for Christmas. It was a HIT!
Unfortunately, this picture is all I have to show for it. Excuse my mess of a garage. I love how they turned out and I am pretty sure the fact that he loaded them in the car within 30 min of getting them is a clear sign he wanted those babies to come home with him. As for the bean bags, I was going to DIY a set but got a bit burnt out – can you imagine?! Instead, I found that Sports Authority carries “replacement” sets and that is what he got! Lucky for me they were on super sale, so I got the set (8 bags) for $0.99!
Next up is papa bear’s gift.
If you follow me on instagram you already know what I made for him – ladder golf!
This was the easiest of all the gifts I made this year. I bought the PVC and joints according to this plan
Don’t be afraid to buy the long pieces of PVC instead of the precut – since it is much cheaper to cut them yourself. All you need is one of these little ditties.

It’s a PVC cutter, looks more intimidating than it really is – and bonus its less than $15. After measuring the PVC pieces, I made little marks with a sharpie and went to town cutting away. All that was left was to assemble the pieces.
You can add PVC glue to make the game permanent but since I was transporting it to Texas, I figured collapsible was the name of my game.
Like the bean bags, I got the ladder golf “bolas” at Sports Authority for a whopping $0.99.
So there you have it – two Handmade Gifts that anyone would love!

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