Cleanse: Dandelion Tea

After my workout last night I high tailed it to a local whole foods store called Akins. They sell all sorts of herbal supplements and organic foods. I knew that would be just the place to find an assortment of teas.
If you haven't ever heard of dandelion root join the club. My mom told me about its health benefits a few days ago. I decided to look around for myself.
Turns out dandelion root aids in digestion, purifying the blood of toxins, reduces inflammation, reduces high cholesterol, improves skin clarity, and it also helps reduce your sodium build up.
If you know me you know I not only have a sweet tooth but a sodium tooth also. Salt is my homeboy.
From what I read there was really no downfall of trying this tea and with all the benefits I thought why not give it a chance.
Jillian Michaels has a detox recipe for dandelion tea but I just kind of made mine up as I went.
While at Akins I grabbed 100% Cranberry Juice and 100% Lemonade. Looking back I would have just rather used lemon juice.
Personally, I like cranberry juice but the all natural lemonade was a tad too tart. I made sure neither of the juices had added sugar, sweeteners, or sodium. We are cleansing you know.
I decided to just go ahead and make a pitchers worth and drink it cold. You could adapt this recipe to make a hot tea single serving. I followed the directions on the box 1 cup of boiling water per bag. I used 6 bags and 6 cups of boiling water.
Once the tea steeped for 15 or so minutes I poured it into my pitcher and added about 1 1/2 cups cranberry juice and 1 cup lemonade. No extra sweeteners. You could add fresh lemon juice to taste.
If you really need to sweeten it up think about adding honey or agave – no artificial sweeteners or it will completely defeat the purpose.
This will “cleanse” your body so know that you will have an increased need to pee. Sorry for being so frank but its true. I would not suggest this as a tool for permanent weight loss as you are mainly loosing water weight but it’s a great weekly drink to have to make sure you are flushing your system of toxins.
Anyone else tried this tea?

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  1. The tea sounds delicious...I will look for it.