Capture: The Craig Family

I cannot believe I have not showed these pictures to you guys yet!
The Craig family is an amazing family I met through our adoption program at church. About 8 months ago I started providing respite care for the family as they were fostering FOUR kiddos. Let this sink in: the girls are 1//3//5 and there is another foster thrown in there and he just turned 1. To make a long story short the Craig's felt lead to adopt the three girls (also sisters). This is in addition to their two biological kids. They are an amazing family and the perfect fit for these girls.
I was fortunate enough to capture some family photos right before the adoption was final.
IMG_8592 copy
IMG_8598 copy
IMG_8604 copy
IMG_8607 copyIMG_8676 copy
IMG_8608 copy
IMG_8638 copy
IMG_8667 copy

IMG_8694 copy
IMG_8733 copy
IMG_8695 copy
IMG_8707 copy
IMG_8740 copy
IMG_8746 copy
IMG_8753 copy
IMG_8757 copy
IMG_8773 copy
Don’t you just love the pictures of the girls running to their family? Such a perfect picture of acceptance.
Enjoy this much needed Friday Eve!

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  1. Don't mind me just tearing up at my desk! Awesome pics Sarah!