Capture: Baby Bethanny

Gotta love a good newborn session, especially when the family is as sweet as this. Love you Buxton family!

Happy Christmas week, friends.


Life: Pantene Commercial

I saw this video for the first time last night and it really stuck with me. Sadly, it is so true. I love that though, this is truly a commercial with the point to sell product, it still shines so much light on a topic that is rarely discussed.


*sorry I couldn't make the video any bigger.


Celebrate : December Birthdays


Today is the day.

If we are speaking in technicalities, I turned 27 about an hour ago (8 am) - of which I am reminded every.year by my mother. 

That early morning phone call "do you know what I was doing right now ____ years ago"

Gotta love it.

Having a birthday exactly a week before Christmas I always get the same question
"Do you just hate being born so close to Christmas??"

Funny thing, I don't hate it. I actually love this time of year and love that my birthday falls right within it. But over the years I have come up with the TOP THREE things to NOT do to someone with a Christmas(ish) birthday. Ready?

1. Birthday presents should not be wrapped in Christmas paper. 

2. Exchanging Christmas gifts with others at someones birthday is such a pet peeve. Just do it another day

3. Joint Christmas/Birthday gifts suck - so make sure to make it goooood if you joint gift

On a funny Birthday/Christmas note

One year I took a Happy Birthday card and scratched out all the Happy Birthdays and rewrote Merry Christmas and give it to my mom on Christmas Morning. I might have been 6 or 8 but I thought it was a great idea.

Okay, I'm off to stuff my face with cupcakes - have a happy day friends!


Handmade Christmas : For the Party People

According to Pinterest, this post has gotten a lot of love. What is funny and sad all rolled into one is how last minute and terrible that post was. Since I decided to make some more painted glasses this Christmas, I thought why not give you guys a better tutorial of how to make hand painted glassware.

 This go around I wanted to use martini glasses and instead of pencil erasers decided to go with q-tips.

Lets look at this easy DIY in a step by step fashion:

1. wash and dry your glasses
2. set out your paint (I used a paper bag) and Q-Tips. For ease of use I used a Q-tip for each color

3. Start at the base of your glass and make your dots with the first color. I like the look of the dots becoming less clustered as they reach the rim. To do this make all your dots around the glass at the base and then spread them out as you work your way down the glass. 

4. After adding your first color around the entire glass start at the base again with your second color. 

5. Acrylic paint dries rather quickly so you should not have issues with paint colors bleeding

6. Once finished with your second (or third or forth) color set your glass out to dry

7. After the paint is completed dry bake in a 350 degree oven for 15 min to set the paint. (if you bake before the paint is dry it will bubble)

There you have it - toss in a tumbler set and you have yourself a fabulous handmade Christmas gift! You could even add a fun Peppermint Vodka or Chocolate wine. 


Celebrate : White Christmas

For a few months now I have had this itch to get an all white tree. I am not quite sure what stirred the want for a white tree - its not like I have really seen one done before (until now... they seem to be everywhere in blog land). After looking around a few places I settled on this tree from Walmart. I love having a really full tree but since I wasn't sure if I would like the white tree look I decided to go for the cheaper and more sparse tree. It was a whopping $40 y'all!

Is that not the cutest tree you ever did see?? I love it so much, even more, I love that its in front of the window this year. 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I bought this 17 gal tub yesterday from Tractor Supply. No one could really guess what it was for - here yah go - a "potted" Christmas tree or the poor mans tree skirt. 

I decided I wanted all my ornaments to be silver // gold // and white. The cute jingle bell reindeer below is from the dollar store. They come in packs of two for $1. Its a steal!!

Since I did go the cheaper route on the tree this year I knew it was going to be a bit sparse. To fill it in I bought packs of 6 plastic glitter ornaments from Hobby Lobby and placed them IN the tree - not just on the outer branches. Some of these are literally stuffed in the tree like an Easter egg. No one is any wiser that your ornament isn't "hanging" from the tree and it gives the look of a much fuller tree.

Another trick is adding large items to your tree that might not have been intended to be ornaments. These glitter decor balls are really intended for a bowl or large vase. Since they are light and don't weight down the branches you can just sit them on your tree. They help keep your eye guessing because of the size difference in your ornaments and cover a lot of space.

I threw some scrap fabric in my tub to cover the tree base but other than that left it be. There have been some thoughts circle through my mind about adding some paint or glitter to the tub but thus far it has remained untouched.

I love this topper - $5 from Target and the perfect glitter accessory! 


Life Lately : Snow and Decor

If you haven't heard (oooozing with sarcasm) it snowed in Tulsa the end of last week leaving a lot of people out of school and off work. Except for yours truly. Man, I miss those snow days. I did still find time to snap a few pictures though. There is just something about the undisturbed snow that is so pretty. And peaceful. Le sigh.

Besides freezing my tush off taking pictures, I also put up Christmas decor. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any reason to clean my house so - and random assortment of pictures is all you get today. Pictures like my new wreath I made for $12(!!), and glittered pinecones because they are so cute, and Murphy/Maggie's stockings. My tree this year might be my favorite Christmas decoration - ever - ever ever. I love it. Even more, I love that it was only $40 from Walmart, but more on that later!

Back to pictures - because who really READS blogs anyways, am I right or am I right?!