Create : Christmas Wreath

So - do tell - how was your holiday?

Did Thanksgiving treat you well? I had a great little break from life, enjoying family and time off.

Last night I got an extra kick in my step and decided to decorate for christmas - including a Christmas wreath.

I think it really sasses up my front door. And to think - it only cost me $2.50!

How you ask??

Take on straw wreath from a garage sale at only $0.25 and add to that a red garland from after Christmas sales last year at $1.00 - there you have a good base to start with.

I liked it simple with no ornaments but had left over red ornaments from the Dollar Tree and decided to add them to the bottom of my wreath.

It really doesnt take much to create a fun wreath. Most of the time I am able to find stuff already on hand to dress up my door.

The bold red really pops off my white door and stands out from the street - adding a little christmas cheer to all those driving by!

The wreath holder was pretty plain jane - you know the black metal ones you can get from about anywhere for $3.00 or so. I added some fabric scraps and glitter ribbon to make it look a little more festive - I might actually leave it up for all my wreaths year around. 

The imperfections are what I like most - wayward threads and a little bunching make me like it even more. Gives it a handmade flair - or so I tell myself

Considering the ribbon ( from Michaels) and the scrap fabric were all on hand, this upscale cost me nothing. If you didnt have any of the above at home it might run you about $3.00 - breaking the bank, I know!

So, have you started adding Christmas cheer to your home yet??

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