On the cheap

Lately, I have been acting on all those things I pin. Sometimes  I get entranced as I am pinning and once the trance is over I forget everything I looked at and loved.

So mission “get on that” has started.

If you follow me on pinterest you would have seen this fly by

Pinned Image

It’s a pin dedicated to using coconut oil on your hair. I have heard about the health benefits of coconut oil (you can use it for a one to one replacement of butter) but had never heard about its benefits on your hair.

So my quest was set to find affordable coconut oil.

Enter : Vitacost

Vitacost is a website where you can get all sorts of cool supplements, vitamins, health and beauty products, pet supplies, and more. Think of it like Whole Foods or Central Market on the cheap!

With the $10 off first time purchase coupon I was able to score a huge tub of coconut oil for no more than $5 with shipping.




IMG_6853 IMG_6854

I tagged some protein onto the order (its not very good…) and got my shipment QUICK!

As for the coconut oil results? I cant say I have seen drastic changes to my hair – but I think it might take more than a week of use. It does add softness to my tresses though!

My hair tends to be very brittle and semi thin – so adding any sort of strength and growth to my hair is much needed.

I do love the oil as a replacement to lotion on my hands and legs (too oily for my face and body) and it’s a great replacement for butter.

I have a tasty treat recipe coming soon – lets just say it cuts the calories in a 1/3rd!

Here is a $10 off coupon to Vitacost! Go forth and shop!


  1. SO glad you shared this! I've seen the buzz about coconut oil on pinterest but I have been hesitant to give it a try. Looks like I may be using that coupon and ordering a bit for myself!

    1. It definitely comes in handy and that tub is HUGE! The smell reminds me of tannng lotion and the beach... let me know if you get it and what you use it for!!