Ikea Hack : Rast

When I saw this I knew it was the one – at $35 each it was even more appealing to my “need to transform everything” eye

This dresser has been all over pinterest – which cracks me up because I first took notice of it in the Ikea catalogue and then googled just out of curiosity. Tons of images greeted me.

I tossed around all sorts of ideas but settled on the fact that my room already had a lot of color so simple was needed.

Lets back up a bit. My room is a very LONG room but not very wide. To make things more difficult there is a wall of windows on one side and an expanded closet on the other. Not much wall space to work with. I knew a typical dresser wasn’t in the cards for me – so I set my eyes on a nightstand turned dresser.

That’s when I found the Rast. Angels sang that day.

I stained the wood black and thought I would give the drawers a metallic look. At first I thought silver leaf was the way to go but decided I didn’t want to deal with the time and mess.

Next up was metallic spray paint. This worked just fine but due to the cold temps we experienced the week I painted the metallic never set up right.

So I was now on plan C – aluminum foil and spray adhesive.

Honestly – I had it all on hand and figured I didn’t have much to loose.



Yes there are crinkles – no I don’t care. I like the idea of imperfection and I think it almost gives it a mercury glass look.

Pulls were found at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off!


I didn’t realize my “WISH” had been knocked off center during the reorg. Oops.


I love how well they fit right next to my bed and they hold all that my dresser used to hold. AMEN



Here is what my room looked like before


And now with the new dresser/nightstands


Much better – looks so much more complete now.

What do you think? Tried any Ikea hacks lately?


  1. These make such a difference in the way your room looks! Fab makeover. I've actually never been to an Ikea.. there's not a single one anywhere near me, but I always love seeing the cool things that others find there!

    1. I cant believe you havent ever been to one! It surprises me so much that they arent every where with as popular as they are!!! Fingers crossed you get one - or not bc your wallet will hurt