Do you remember my last garden attempt?

Straw anyone?



It went from that above… to this…














Can we say – overgrown? These babies grew like it was their job.

I loved planting in the straw bales – it was so easy and kept my plants moist even during that awfully dry summer we have had.

Well now its time for some fall planting.

I thought I would till out an area in the yard and start a garden for this fall round of planting. However, when I took the shovel out to the back yard I started to think twice. No way do I want to really dig all that up.

Back to the straw it is!

This time though… I am going to start with seeds… moving on up, I tell yah!















Broccoli, two types of spinach, some lettuce, and sugar snap peas. Who knew sugar snap peas had the actual PEA as its seed. So crazy.

I decided to use the biodegradable containers to start my seedlings and then I will plant them in my straw bale once I have some sprouts.














I would have thought these were easier to find than they actually were. Lowes ended up having them but be careful that you aren't buying preplanted starter kits. You want the EMPTY seed starters. I went ahead and got the starter soil also.

Now I have my planted and waiting for some sprouts to show up.

Next up, getting some new straw bales.

Unfortunately, I planted a little too much in my straw bale from the summer and wont really be able to reuse it. Thankfully though, straw is a natural compost and is now sitting at the base of all my trees giving them some good nutrients.

So tell me – have you ever started a garden from seeds or are you a seedling starter? Any tips for this first time gardener?

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  1. so inspiring! If I didn't live in an apartment in a gated community... I'd be all over starting my own garden. Until I can, I'll live vicariously through your cute blog posts about it! xo