Peeeach me!

The day has come – my living room is no longer home to a peach chair! These chairs are currently on craigslist with little to no takers so I had to do something in the interim.














If you follow me on intsagram then you saw this picture on Thursday night. I was scheming that’s for sure. The 4X15ft drop cloth you see below was turned into a brand new slip cover for my peachy chair.

The striped fabric was at Joann’s for $10.99 a yard but thanks to their app – I got 3 yards for 60% off. Thank you coupons! It’s a great weight and quality – I also got some new needles, thread, and cording for a cool $25!! Seriously, get the Joann’s app.

After a small bleaching and multiple washings this canvas was ready to be remade.

Miss Mustard Seed has a full tutorial on how to recover a chair and I followed that as a base guide. The intent was for the striped to be the cushion cover but after a short (by accident) cut the drop cloth became much more sparse and in turn the striped fabric got to play a bigger role.



One suggestion: do not use a patterned fabric that is very noticeable if the pattern is mismatched. Makes the slipcover process a but more difficult but nothing you cant accomplish.

My slipcover isn't perfect by any means but I love the change. I also love how cost effective it was to achieve such a great refresh.


The drop cloth ran me about $17 and fabric was close $15 – I had a few extra things to get like heavy duty needles and thread along with cording so I came in at about $40 for the entire project. Considering the cost of reupholstering this was SUPER cheap. To give you an idea I had it priced for reupholster and the LOW end was $350 NOT including fabric!!!




Murphy is the worlds most jealous dog – since Maggie was getting the picture attention he thought he would photo bomb a few



Like I said, this is no where near perfect but I love the imperfections. More than that I love the change.

I think now I wont be near as nervous to slip cover other pieces… there might be a chair in the queue… maybe

Am I the only tackling the slipcover projects recently?


  1. I LOVE the CAT... LOL He is so cute! I love the chair too, but I just love how the cat took over the chair! Why do they do that? As soon as something is new they just have to take over and invade! Why is that?!!!

    You did a great job. And keeping the stripes straight, shit. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown.

    So, I have a beanbag I use for newborn shoots and my dog has ruined it by sleeping on it- and ok, I may have contributed by driving around with it in my back seat and throwing garbage on top of it. But I didn't like it anyway because it was solid baby pink and that matches nothing. My house is not a nursery no matter what the chair is used for, ya know? I want to cover it in cute vintage retro fabric that actually matches my house! This has got to be really simple, it's probably just like making a pillow case, but, eh, I can't seem to get started. That, and all of the fabric stores in Sacramento (except jo-ann's, whose fabric selection sucks) went out of business. :(

    1. Thanks!

      Keeping the stripes straight was a bit tricky but not as bad as you would think.

      Recovering a beanbag should be just like a pillow - like you said. No big issues. check online for fabric there are some great options at and hawthrone threads!

      I agree though, finding that fabric at Joann's was like one in a million - their fabric selection here isnt great either. We have a hancock fabrics that is muuuuuch better