Just a few randoms

I have so many big projects in the queue for myself and clients. There will be a day I get it all done… today just isn't that day.

I was able to get a few small projects complete like these three thrifted lamps















I forgot to get before pictures – but to give you an idea – where you see green was once wood… yikes!

The pink used to be brass.


Aren't these so fun and retro? I think they would be so cute on a buffet or entry way



This lamp would be such a cute addition to a little girls room, a bathroom, or even a dresser top. I love the feminine aspect of it with the crystal and pink. Maybe I should keep these…

Neh – I’ll send them to a good home.

For those of you not in Oklahoma that wish you could buy some of these things – the lamps might be more your thing. Shipping isn’t bad and since these aren't heavy wont cost you an arm and a leg.

All three lamps are $30 each – with the green ones being sold as a pair.

Let me know if you are interested in the comment section or shoot me an email from the link above and to the right!



Do you remember my last garden attempt?

Straw anyone?



It went from that above… to this…














Can we say – overgrown? These babies grew like it was their job.

I loved planting in the straw bales – it was so easy and kept my plants moist even during that awfully dry summer we have had.

Well now its time for some fall planting.

I thought I would till out an area in the yard and start a garden for this fall round of planting. However, when I took the shovel out to the back yard I started to think twice. No way do I want to really dig all that up.

Back to the straw it is!

This time though… I am going to start with seeds… moving on up, I tell yah!















Broccoli, two types of spinach, some lettuce, and sugar snap peas. Who knew sugar snap peas had the actual PEA as its seed. So crazy.

I decided to use the biodegradable containers to start my seedlings and then I will plant them in my straw bale once I have some sprouts.














I would have thought these were easier to find than they actually were. Lowes ended up having them but be careful that you aren't buying preplanted starter kits. You want the EMPTY seed starters. I went ahead and got the starter soil also.

Now I have my planted and waiting for some sprouts to show up.

Next up, getting some new straw bales.

Unfortunately, I planted a little too much in my straw bale from the summer and wont really be able to reuse it. Thankfully though, straw is a natural compost and is now sitting at the base of all my trees giving them some good nutrients.

So tell me – have you ever started a garden from seeds or are you a seedling starter? Any tips for this first time gardener?


Smoothie Magic

Kale, carrots, Greek yogurt, and fruit.

No one is claiming that sounds tasty.

Especially when it looks like this



what is crazy about this – is that this is actually a VERY tasty little treat.

I know you are thinking I have lost my mind but I promise its good. For the first few I had to choke them down … and then I found the secret.


crystal lgith 2

This strawberry awesomeness is literally a life saver in a package. My smoothie hasn’t ever tasted better.

crystal lgith


Those two together equal a happy and healthy me.

My morning mix includes – a good handful of kale, one whole carrot peeled, two heaping tablespoons of yogurt, a handful or two of strawberries, half a crystal light pouch, and water. I like to mix mine in an off brand magic bullet so that I can blend and go. Handy dandy if you ask me!

Don’t let the brown drink fool you… its uber tasty!


What's your go to morning mix? Smoothie? Coffee black? Or maybe you are simply an OJ fan.


Life Lately : A Random Assortment

After getting in from a work trip and being gone for three days – I get in my car, crank her up, and BAM smoke from my vents.

Okay, maybe not smoke but for sure dust. Or something of that sort.

I figured it would go away after being on for a while. No can do.

To the shop it went. Long story short – expensive all day repair means I need a “rental”. Good thing the repair shop had a loaner.


I was going 70 mph… I think..


Stuck in traffic… last thing I needed was for this boat to run out of steam

I like to call her the green limousine. Seriously. This happened. No radio, No side mirror, No cup holders… just me and the open road. HA!

On a brighter note : I did manage a few awesome flea market finds


I debated for a rather long time over those bow earnings. I ended up without them. Sad Day. I did, however, end up with two cute pairs of earrings and a fab pitcher.


Lastly, Summer is over but here are what I consider the bests of summer. What were your favorites?


Create : Leaf Cast

leaf cast

My mom was the major push behind this project. She’s obsessed with “yard art” and thought these would be a great addition to any yard.

I like the idea of making them a large centerpiece on a table, bird feeder, a holder for serving on an outdoor table, or a bird bath.



Don’t let the pictures fool you. This is a VERY easy project.

A Bag of Sand


Plastic bags

Acrylic pant

That’s it – all you need.

Oh well – and a leaf of your choice.

I mounded the sand on the ground (outside of the package) then laid down plastic with the leaf FACE DOWN on top of the plastic.

Next came the concrete.

I used quick set concrete – but I wouldn’t suggest using something that sets up fast unless you are comfortable working with concrete. This stuff starts to harden quick!

After the concrete was laid on the BACK of the leaf I covered the entire thing with plastic and put bricks on the plastic edges to hold it in place. Let it set up per the concrete directions. Usually a couple days

A few things to note: WEAR GLOVES! I got cheap latex gloves and they worked like a charm. To get a clean edge you can use your fingers to roll the edge kind of like if you were working with dough. Start the concrete in the center and work your way to the edges




Personally I am a fan of the little “bubbles” and cracks in my cast. I like the character it gives. To keep this from happening use traditional concrete and not the quick set kind. It is a lot easier to mix and get the ideal consistency.

Next up : PAINT


I watered down my acrylic paints to make them bleed into each other better. There is no exact science to this, so just have fun.

Layering and mixing will be your friend.

If painting makes you nervous then get an inspiration picture and work from there!





I love them – and to be honest the painting was my MOST FAVORITE part. It was relaxing and mindless.

I topped all of mine with a green glitter paint. It was transparent after drying and gives the most fantastic sheen!



In total (for all three leaves) I paid $20. This would be such a great – and CHEAP – gift! After the paint is dry I added a water seal so that the concrete would hold up outside. If you plan on using them inside to serve or hold utensils I would suggest sealing with Waterlox, as it is food safe.

Now go forth and conquer concrete!


Sneak Peak : Jerseylicious

Over the holiday weekend I went to the same estate sale … three times…

It was that good. Fabric galore. Furniture in amazing shape.

There might have been a moment when I mention how I wish I was related to the woman whose house it was. Maybe.



All jersey yo!

There is a good chance I will have more maxi skirts than I can wear but hey it was less than $1 a yard.

Yep, you read that right. I got over 10 yards of jersey for under $15…. be jealous.



There are a few tutorials out there for maxi skirts but surprisingly not many and very few cute ones. Who knew?! After I get one under my belt I will tell you all about making a maxi skirt and what did and did not work for me.

I also got a bunch of other things from this same house…




A grain sack, four gorgeous hankies, two cooling racks, a rolling pin, waffle iron, queen sized vintage sheets, and brass duck book ends.

Sadly, this doesn’t include the two metal shelves I bought for the garage and the amazing low boy chest.

I’ll show those soon – promise!


Pinterest 101: getting your pins in order

Recently, the company I work for lifted the social networking restrictions meaning Pinterest was now available at work. Dangerous.

To be honest, I have been so busy at work that getting on Pinterest rarely happens. Wah Wah

A week or so ago I had a co-worker (hi sandra!) stop by and ask if I could show her how to pin. Since she lives alone, work is the best place to get a tutorial being that she is surrounded by pinners.

We havent been able to connect for that tutorial – but it got me to thinking – how many people out there don’t know the ins and outs of pinterest?

My mom (sorry mom!) still pins everything to that initial board pinterest sets up for you. I see double pins by the same person all the time and wonder if they know how to delete a pin… needless to say some organization is in order

So here it is – pinterest 101: getting your pins in order.

For those of you who are pinterest wizards, come back tomorrow for more fun.

Otherwise, keep reading!


Above is a basic look at your home screen. This screen will show you recent pins from other pinners that you decided to follow along with your own.


The “add” button is a way to add a pin, upload a pin from your computer, or create a board.

Creating a board helps categorize your pins – for example “recipes” “home d├ęcor” “DIY”

Adding a pin can be done by placing the add button in your browser (search pinterest for the how to)



Clicking on the button with your user name will get you to your personal dashboard. Here is where the real magic happens.

From here you can see all your boards, followers, who you follow, your profile, and your activity.

Lets look at editing a board


By clicking on the board (grouping of pictures) you can edit your board or edit a pin in that board.

Click the edit board button


Need to adjust the title, description, or category? Here you can also give someone else permission to pin to the selected board.

The best part – you can delete a board. So, those standard boards that pinterest gives you? no more!

Back to the selected boards home page


Now hover your mouse over a specific pin and notice the buttons that show. Click edit


Here you can edit the selected pin. By selecting the drop down on the “board” line you can add the selected pin to another board. NOTE: this does not delete it from the current board just duplicates it.

Moving on, back at our home page (click the pinterest logo to get there) lets look at the “everything tab” also known as the revolving door of pinterest



lets say I want to repin something. Hover your mouse over the picture you would like to repin and hit the repin button that pops up


At this point I can re-write the description AND decide which board I would like this pin to reside in. For example this isn't a work out and wouldn’t go on my “hot bod” board but instead on my “recipes” board.

NOTE: if you see something interesting PIN IT NOW – a lot of the time pins are moving pretty fast and refreshing will make you loose your spot therefore you wont be able to find that pin you just fell in love with.

Now – go forth and pin away… with some sort of order.