Gratitude in a Jar

I have seen cute decorated jars around the interwebs like crazy! Seems like a fun easy project but I have no real use for a cute jar at home. I have more use for an organized craft room… which isn't looking like it will happen for quite a while.

Ashley Ann decorated a jar with scrap fabric and Danielle made a Christmas jar.

So, this chick combined the two and made a Thankful Jar!


The concept is to add spare change to the jar throughout the year (or next 6 months) and then on Christmas Eve give it to someone in need of a blessing.

So many times I spend money on ME ME ME.

New shirt on sale – why not its on sale!

Cute shoes for work – I NEED new work shoes.

Estate sale finds that are just too good to pass up – ITS JUST TOO GOOD!

The worst offender – I have to eat out today because I don’t have time to pack a lunch…


I am so very fortunate to be blessed – I don’t have to worry when my next meal will come or if there will be fresh drinking water. Instead, I have a big fridge full of food and the ability to get COLD purified water whenever the need strikes.

God calls us to give back our first 10% but he also calls us to give until it hurts. Give to those in need to the point where your only choice is to rely on him to provide.

Lets be completely honest, I don’t do that … EVER. I tithe and I donate to charity but never until it hurts!

So this is my start. My thankful jar.


Maybe I will fill the entire jar up by Christmas… My hope is to fill multiple jars.

I brought it to work because that’s the place where I will see it most – a constant reminder – but also as a conversation piece. Its an easy way to start a conversation about what the Lord is doing in my heart. Maybe through that he will work in others…



I keep trying to think of a verse to attach to the jar and haven't come up with anything yet that really jumps at me.

Got any great ideas? Remember this will be a gift at Christmas time.

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  1. Love this: "he also calls us to give until it hurts."
    I'll be on the lookout for a good verse. This is such a great idea!