Recent Finds : Pinterest

I, like every other breathing human, LOVE pinterest. All it takes is one pin and next thing I know its 2 hours later and I have a grocery list and party décor ideas for a gathering that isn't going to happen.

Here are some ditties I found oh so pINTERESTING this week

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For the love of watercolor! My friend, Jessica, pinned this… so great. Doesn’t it make you want to pick up a paint brush and have at it! By the way – if you are a creative soul – check out her pins. So inspiringPinned Image


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I am looking at starting to brand this little thing I have going on. First up, business cards. Brit is working through some designs for me – you’ll be seeing those in the near future. But first I needed some inspiration.

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don’t fret, you'll be seeing this happening in the near future! The paper covered drawers is such a fun sneak of color/texture. I have the perfect piece for this.

Anyone getting lost in the pinterest maze lately? Find some fantastic pins you are itching to try out?


Adding some oomph

My master bedroom is a constant work in process.

Lets be honest, my whole house is a constant work in process. It will never be finished. ever.

I have this constant urge to change. I blame it on the creative side of my brain.

My mom found this mirror frame that was once part of a dresser and it was too good to pass up, even if I had no idea what I would do with it.



Insert master bed room.

After painting the frame white – I knew it was perfect for my room.

Its pretty large and needed some color to give it some oomph.


The antlers stayed, hoops got some fabric, and a few pictures found a new home.




Hoop art is all the range and I am not ever the one to jump on big bandwagons but this was super easy and I had everything on hand. If I didn’t already have the hoops/fabric, it probably would cost no more than $10.

I even moved a sign over my bed to give a little more of a focal point


So, how was your weekend? Any decorating accomplished?


Create : Pallet Art

I have had this pallet canvas built for a good … oh … year!

Holy moly!

I started off with a different design in mind. One that included coordinates (you know like latitude and longitude) but that just wasn’t fitting my fancy.

Instead song lyrics took precedence.


I really love the painted vs white wash vs natural wood. It breaks up the wood but still gives it a rugged feel



The teal letters were painted on with craft paint and the paper letters were cut out on scrapbook paper and modge podged on. Oh that modge podge… works wonders


The teal and white really stand out – color combo score!

I brought the orange in on the “wholly” so that it would tie into my bedroom décor. This puppy is soon to be the newest master bedroom addition. A much needed addition, might I add.



So what do you think? Is pallet art your thing? Have you recently tackled a project that has been in the shoot for way too long?


Renew : Sofa Table

Work has been taking me all over – so please excuse my absence. You missed me, I can tell.

No worries, Im back now and ready to show you my newest renew


Estate sale find that was in good shape to begin with – just needed a little updating


Cherry wood isn't my thing – at the moment – so I figured a little paint and distressing would serve it well


I decided to strip the top/sand it and stain with a dark stain. I used Annie Sloan Barcelona and Aubusson Blue also topped with a dark stain. The orange barcelona doesn’t show a ton until you look at the distress up close.


I love the little hint of color is gives hiding under the blue.





Isnt that such a fun makeover? The stain took the blue darker than it was originally but I like the depth it adds especially with the heavy distressing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more projects and status updates… lots been going on round yonder ;)


Fire Engine Red

These three tiered carts are becoming uber popular. They really are so fun and retro… when they don’t look like a big rust bucket




Ideally this should be sandblasted to remove all the rust junk – around here it would cost about $15 to get it all removed.

Since my client wasn’t feeling the extra $15 I resorted to Rustoleum


This is a rust reformer BASE that will keep the rust from coming through on your finished piece. The only downside is that it only comes in black. If you are painting with a lighter color you will want to put this on first and then a light primer to bring the base back up. Make sense?

After a little reforming action this baby got glossy.





Gotta love a good transformation – wouldn’t this look great in a utility room? Or maybe in a smaller kitchen as the island!


Gratitude in a Jar

I have seen cute decorated jars around the interwebs like crazy! Seems like a fun easy project but I have no real use for a cute jar at home. I have more use for an organized craft room… which isn't looking like it will happen for quite a while.

Ashley Ann decorated a jar with scrap fabric and Danielle made a Christmas jar.

So, this chick combined the two and made a Thankful Jar!


The concept is to add spare change to the jar throughout the year (or next 6 months) and then on Christmas Eve give it to someone in need of a blessing.

So many times I spend money on ME ME ME.

New shirt on sale – why not its on sale!

Cute shoes for work – I NEED new work shoes.

Estate sale finds that are just too good to pass up – ITS JUST TOO GOOD!

The worst offender – I have to eat out today because I don’t have time to pack a lunch…


I am so very fortunate to be blessed – I don’t have to worry when my next meal will come or if there will be fresh drinking water. Instead, I have a big fridge full of food and the ability to get COLD purified water whenever the need strikes.

God calls us to give back our first 10% but he also calls us to give until it hurts. Give to those in need to the point where your only choice is to rely on him to provide.

Lets be completely honest, I don’t do that … EVER. I tithe and I donate to charity but never until it hurts!

So this is my start. My thankful jar.


Maybe I will fill the entire jar up by Christmas… My hope is to fill multiple jars.

I brought it to work because that’s the place where I will see it most – a constant reminder – but also as a conversation piece. Its an easy way to start a conversation about what the Lord is doing in my heart. Maybe through that he will work in others…



I keep trying to think of a verse to attach to the jar and haven't come up with anything yet that really jumps at me.

Got any great ideas? Remember this will be a gift at Christmas time.


Did you miss me?

I have been a bit quiet the past few days – mainly because I was in Pennsylvania all week last week.


I was able to escape the horrid hot weather here and literally get a breath of fresh air. The trip was for work but fun was still enjoyed by all.


You know you work for an energy company when… your lunch driver has a rack just for his hard hat!

We had a chance to eat at some great local restaurants and even stop by this famous candy store


Yes, that is ALL chocolate. I didn’t leave with near as much as I thought I would, but instead just a small package of white chocolate covered pretzels. MMMM



This little guy (christian dior) was at the office so I had to get a little play time in. He is MAYBE 4 lbs on a good day and wont get much bigger. Such a cute little thing.


I found this critter on my cucumber plant when I got home. SO Tiny!


Lets take a moment and talk about how bad I wanted that side table. It was in great condition but the $40 price tag just wasn’t working for me. Not to mention, I have no where for it to go.


Trash has been a big topic in the Tulsa area lately and my big guns have arrived. Who knew that new trashcans could make you a bit giddy.


Lets end this on a uber cute note. Murphy got his hair did. When I picked him up I thought they might have given me the wrong dog. I cant believe I haven't done this sooner. Its so much easier to keep him clean!

So what's new in your life? Did you have a good weekend? Productive? Tell me about it!