Lots Happening

I have two very tough questions…

How come the week drags and the weekend flies by?


Why in the world can I not for the life of me open my eyes and get out of bed at a decent time during the week but at 6:30 on a Saturday morning I am trying to FORCE myself to go back to sleep!?!

Such is life.

This past weekend was kind of a whirlwind. Estate sales, store closings (ie 50% off), baby lexi time, projects for clients and more!

My parents were in town for some family biz which gave my mother and I a full day of finding treasures.

Estate sale numero uno was a HUGE hit


Add to that 5 of my favorite books for decorating, and a REALLY nice chess set – we are talking solid wood people. All that for a cool $20. Yep! Vintage sheets, tin canisters, fun shelf décor, and maybe a few gifts or two ;)


From there we hit another estate sale and came out with a baby toy for our shopping partner.

The last estate sale was rather overpriced but we came away with a few things


I didn’t realize until I uploaded this picture how angry my little birdy looks…

From there we hit a store closing and boy did we spend. I think we managed to wipe them out! You’ll have to wait to see what all we found… its too good not to have its own post

I also had a client bring over a few pieces she wanted refinished – so a trip to Home Depot was in order.


Now if it will just cool off so I can get some of her work knocked out. 112 degrees is just too hot to be outside – not to mention paint doesn’t do very well in extreme temps.

I somehow managed to misplace my memory card for my camera – fingers crossed I find it soon so I can show you all the cool things that we snagged this weekend plus the projects currently in queue.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, Friends!


  1. I LOVE those sheets! And those birds (quail? What are they?) would be so cute and not so hostile in white! (or something you like! :)

    1. Less hostile - ha! Love it. I am in the midst of beautifing them :)

      I figure if what I have planned doesnt work a solid douse of spray paint will treat them well