Lots Happening

I have two very tough questions…

How come the week drags and the weekend flies by?


Why in the world can I not for the life of me open my eyes and get out of bed at a decent time during the week but at 6:30 on a Saturday morning I am trying to FORCE myself to go back to sleep!?!

Such is life.

This past weekend was kind of a whirlwind. Estate sales, store closings (ie 50% off), baby lexi time, projects for clients and more!

My parents were in town for some family biz which gave my mother and I a full day of finding treasures.

Estate sale numero uno was a HUGE hit


Add to that 5 of my favorite books for decorating, and a REALLY nice chess set – we are talking solid wood people. All that for a cool $20. Yep! Vintage sheets, tin canisters, fun shelf d├ęcor, and maybe a few gifts or two ;)


From there we hit another estate sale and came out with a baby toy for our shopping partner.

The last estate sale was rather overpriced but we came away with a few things


I didn’t realize until I uploaded this picture how angry my little birdy looks…

From there we hit a store closing and boy did we spend. I think we managed to wipe them out! You’ll have to wait to see what all we found… its too good not to have its own post

I also had a client bring over a few pieces she wanted refinished – so a trip to Home Depot was in order.


Now if it will just cool off so I can get some of her work knocked out. 112 degrees is just too hot to be outside – not to mention paint doesn’t do very well in extreme temps.

I somehow managed to misplace my memory card for my camera – fingers crossed I find it soon so I can show you all the cool things that we snagged this weekend plus the projects currently in queue.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, Friends!


Egg Crate Craze

Have you seen these around lately?

Ceramic egg crates! They have been popular for a year or so and I have always loved the idea of using them to decorate but $7+ bucks on an egg crate?! Seems a little ridiculous for this thrifter.

My head jumps to all the things you can find an repurpose to look new for the amount you would pay for ONE of these.

Granted $7+ isn't breaking the bank… but you have to pinch pennies where you can.

Am I right?

$7.95 @ Anthropologie


$12.95 @  Sur La Table



$17.99 @ Target for the set


Well, when I was at Ross a few days ago – looking for a large stock pot – something caught my eye


After flipping it over to examine the price I was shocked to see a $2.50 sticker!

There were three left and everything in me wanted to grab all of them. Problem is, I just wasn’t quite sure what I would be doing with them – so I decided on two and headed to check out.

No stock pots to be found – but egg crates were a great substitute.


For the moment they are working great as shelf decorations on that weird empty space I mentioned Tuesday.

But these crates could really be used for a full gander of things.

Maybe they will make it to the craft room and hold needles, pins, and odds/ends (rhyming like a champ and not even meaning too!)


Or maybe I will use them for bobby pins (because Lord know I have an plethora!) hair ties, and clips…

They would even work for jewelry or office supplies…


Maybe I should have gotten all three. Either way $5 for TWO ceramic crates was a steal of a deal.

Thank you Ross :)


The plant that never dies

I made another floor lamp planter.

A bright orange one.


For the planter I stripped a cheap shade down to the bones and wrapped it in twine. Or at least wrapped it in all the twine I had.


I kind of like the exposed top and not covering the full shade in twine. The shade is then flipped upside down and attached the the floor lamp base


The planter stayed like this for a few days. I had a few mishaps planting in “not made for planting” items where my plants burned up like crazy.

I decided to repurpose some fake ferns and give this planter a fighting chance at keeping something alive.



That green sure adds a pop of color! And to think, it wont ever go brown on me!


What a cute little addition to the front porch!


Murphy dog wanted to say hi!!

Happy Hump Day Y’all


Decorating Shelves

Most of the things on my new $6 shelves were from around my house. Random things I grabbed

Things to note – the suitcases aren't staying but I couldn’t think of another place to put them and I think I want to bring in the other shelf and put them side by side


The third shelf is a little wonky – it’s a work in progress

I also think some cute baskets would look superb…





Soon the internal debate will start – what color should I paint these new kiddos. Glossy White? Distressed Grey? Two Tone?




These guys are starting to make me feel a little more justified in buying knick knacks… I cant have empty shelves, now can I?


Recent Finds take Two

My goal was to grab a few things from the Wal-Mart's and head back home. No detours

Then I saw that eye catching ESTATE SALE sign… I just couldn’t resist

$20 later I had a car full…


The two bookshelves are not solid wood but at $12 for the pair I couldn’t resist. They do need some paint and a bit of wood glue but other than that they are in great shape. I have been toying on where to put them – entry way – bathroom – flanking the TV – the possibilities are endless


Not to mention I just love the curved legs and the open feel – they don’t seem as heavy and a room weight when they have opened shelves.

Next up I picked up a few of my favorites


I cant ever pass these books up – I LOVE decorating with them and the covers are so stinking cute. Isn't it crazy how patterns seem to resurface? Like the herringbone and damask.

Then I found this cute guy – I thought at $1 he would be great for filling up my new shelves


If he doesn’t work on the shelves then he could always find a home collecting car keys – jewelry – soaps – or even mints. LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold detailing and the whitewashed finish


This guy doesn't count as an estate sale find but it was on clearance at the Wal-Mart's for $3 and its one mighty large bowl. Great for serving!

And just because I can, look at these crazy things I found while grabbing a few must haves

Oh that Wal-Mart – getting creative!

Anyone hit up a good Estate Sale this weekend? Maybe found some lucky finds at the thrift store?



I have recently realized I am not good at “how to” I just like to cut to the chase and show the finished project…

So, today lets see some recent finished projects.

When my mom was in town she brought me some reclaimed cabinets ($35 for three!)

Two of them went STRAIGHT in the laundry room which was MUCH needed. There is a strong chance they will get painted but I want to wait on making any decisions until I decide what exactly I want to do with this area…





The difference two random cabinets make is amazing! Now I just need a new washer and dryer, some paint on the walls, and more storage.

Look at this little diddy I found on Craigslist yesterday!

Talked down to $50 and we are in filing cabinet business!

I love how it looks like a piece of furniture rather than a bulky filing cabinet but it also has STORAGE! More on this guy later… I just couldn’t contain my excitement and had to share a bit now.

filing cabinet

filing cabinet2


Easy Ruffle Banner

This happened on a whim and I loved the result – so why not share the love!


Here is how it happened:

I got a queen sized sheet at a garage sale for $1 because I loved the pattern. It was fitted and before using it as fabric for a project I needed to take the elastic off. Rather than unstitching the elastic band, I cut about 1/4” underneath.

Hello ruffle happiness




Its cute and whimsical and really dresses up a pair of antlers Winking smile



Happy Monday, Friends


Master Bedroom: Accents

The master isnt quite complete but its getting there. Slowly but surely

Today I have an accent wall and super cute lamp for ya!

The lamp I found at a garage sale for $1 – the shade was at my favorite thrift store 2 for $3 – and the bulb is a great Home Depot find.


I think all together the entire lamp make over ran me somewhere around $12.



Zoomed: Feit Electric 60-Watt Daylight Decorative Incandescent Light Bulb

I love the shade without a cover and these bulbs really allow you to not have a true lamp shade and still be able to see – most lights would blind you




You can see them pretty clear in all these pictures… the shutters.

My mom found them on craigslist in Dallas for $5 a pop – $40 later we were in business.

When we were tossing the idea around, I wasn’t quite sure in my mind how it would actually turn out. I knew painted shutters had potential for sure, but this much? I was surprised.


It happened on a whim that they got painted orange… and ombre just fed from that. I love it. Its loud for sure and not for everyone – but they were SUPER easy to put up and can come down whenever I change my mind.


For now the fact that they cover up an off centered window was enough for me.

Yes – a little light does peak through but its easily fixable. I am just lazy


I think this room is really coming along!

Anyone else done random projects with shutters?