I'm still here

Do you ever have those weeks where it feels like you have been sucked up by a tornado and you are just trying to survive?

That’s been my week. Not bad just busy.

Work has been on overdrive and then there are friends to tend to – oh and my family is coming in town tonight so there's that house thing I need to clean…

I did manage time to paint my nails for this upcoming lake weekend with the family.


If you know me at all you know I bite my nails and therefore they are rarely painted. To be honest, I know ill pick the polish right off so what's the point spending the time to paint them and even more time letting them dry if it will last two days?!

Let me tell you a secret. I read a way to get your nails to dry super quick without all those smudges and crinkles the polish can sometimes get.

Base coat + polish (I do two coats) + top coat…. then SOAK IN COLD WATER for at least 3 minutes.

My nails were dry to the touch within 30 minutes of painting them. I do not kid.


My head is running wild with new fun nail ideas now that I know my time isn't eaten up by the painting process


Glitter? Why not!

I have also heard of a way to get your own shellac style (long lasting) manicure at home sans the crazy lights and all you have to use for a true shellac polish

Nail Magic Nail Hardener + two coats of polish + Out the Door top coat = Shellac nails… add another out the door top coat in a week.

Let me know if you try any of these tricks – Id love to hear if they work for you.

I’ll be back Monday with fun stuff. Promise


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