Outdoor details



Its changed a bit out there – huh?

I know how uninteresting this is going to be but it helps me keep track and maybe just maybe there is someone out there with a west facing front yard in Oklahoma that is looking for some plant ideas. Far stretch?

Well here is what I have going on now:



All the “bigger” bushes that line the front of the house on the right and the two that sit close to the porch on the left are Indian Hawthrone. They stay green all year – big plus – they also bloom in the spring and grow like crazy! I wont have to worry about weekly trimming like you would have to with a holly bush or boxwood. Low maintenance is key.



Autumn sage are the tree little guys to the left (close to the whiskey barrel) the little diddy’s were 3 for $10 and will grow much bigger and bloom red in the fall. You’ll see the other two (you can only see one in the picture) Indian Hawthrone’s in the middle of the picture behind the tree. To the right are nearly wild roses (they flank the sidewalk on either side) these guys bloom all through the summer and grow pretty fast too. They have a tendency to get too big but a yearly trim will solve that problem. On the left of the tree is a hydrangea bush that I got from my grandmothers funeral. I love that I have something more than cut flowers that will bloom year after year. As a matter of fact, the nearly wild roses were a gift from my coworkers after my grandma’s passing and kept in line with the same idea of giving something that wont die in a week but will last season after season.

The plan for the rest of the bed is to add some Nadina to the back corner behind the tree

It has that pretty red tips and doesn’t loose its leaves in the winter – bonus!

You’ll also see some more lantana in the front since it’s a flowering plant that comes back year after year and also trails kind of like a ground cover


And then some azalea’s for more color – they do great in this area!

Here is a rough draft of whats to come – not to mention mulch and trim around the bed



There might even be another tree or two up my sleeve but all in due time.

Anyone else out there landscaping? Who has a green thumb and wants to lend some expertise?

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