Another reason I need a silhouette

Antler mounts are EVERYWHERE these days. It seems like lately they are in all the magazines and for sale at most home furnishing places. Too bad they are almost always upwards of $50.

I love the look but know deep in my heart it’s a trend that will pass. Currently, I have one small thrifted mount above my bed which cost me a total of $20.

I have since added to my collection but for a mere $1.25… yep you read that right.

When I was in Houston my friend let me play around with her Silhouette Cameo after telling her a project idea I had come up with. Ultimately, I came home with some rad antler mount stencils cut from card stock.

Here is where I fail – I have no how to or step by step instructions on the next 5 steps. I can tell you this – its really easy!

Four fat quarters that I already had on hand and some starch later I got these bad boys


I literally traced and cut the fabric out and then used my magic ingredient to help adhere the fabric to the wall


I will tell you I got a bit frustrated doing this alone when it came time to get those antlers up. That being said this wasn’t a hard project in the slightest. I drenched the fabric in starch then sprayed a bit on the wall. After putting the mount where I liked I smoothed out the fabric on the wall. The edges took a bit more time than the rest of the fabric and I did spray the cut out once it was up on the wall – the more starch the better.


The vibrant colors stand out much better but I really enjoy the look of the vintage fabric… even if its not vintage in the slightest. The fabric will fray and if you don’t like that look you can take a small sponge brush and either pull the frays off or move them back in place. Personally, I kind of like the fraying


When I decide that antler mounts aren't my thing anymore Ill just pull these bad boys down. No harm to the wall or paint and the fabric can be reused. Yep, I just said that! The blue mount was actually in my room at first but I liked it better in here. To be honest it went on a lot easier the second time



Full discloser – this isn't my original idea, no way am I that cool… I saw this done with a tree in a nursery (maybe) on a blog and cant remember which one for the life of me. So if you know feel free to shoot me a line and I’ll add it on here.

The possibilities are really endless with this – nursery ideas, apartment living, kids rooms, schools, office…

Just so you don’t think I do this stuff so nice and neat… here is a full shot of the wall


Bam! Real life!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the tip. If I end up going this way with my china cab, I will def use fabric/starch.

    xoxo, Emily