Warrenton Recap {Special Goods}

This image from this talented lady started it all.

Sweet vintage fabric

I love all things vintage – I especially love vintage gone modern. After seeing this quilt in progress I decided I wanted to fulfill a very random dream of mine and make a quilt on my own. Not only that – I wanted to make it from all vintage fabrics.

Enter Warrenton.

Vintage fabric heaven!

I started slow with a table cloth and then got sucked in rather quickly, stopping at all the booths that had any linens, picking through piles, and bartering for a better price. I got hooked.

$75 dollars later I came home with this:


Three large table cloths (in the middle) and (clockwise from the checked fabric) a vintage feedsack from the 30’s, two vintage yellow pillow cases from the 40’s, a random yard of fabric, another feed sack in yellow, and lastly one in blue floral.

Feed sacks were really popular in the 30’s and 40’s – its what all your flour, feed, corn mill, etc came in and the women would then wash the labels off and use the fabric for clothes of all sorts. The patterns were drool worthy, I kid you not. Some of them got me so tickled – the colors and patterns were so relevant but so old.

Love it.


Now I need to find some patterns – if you follow me on pinterest you’ve seen some of my ideas as of late.

I am no expert on the sewing machine and I tend to have the inability to sew straight lines, so a fool proof pattern is what this girl is in the market for. Ideas?


I also grabbed a few vintage quilting squares for some color pop in my embroidery hoops. The craft room is going to be home to all things color and vintage awesomeness!


After I got back I had to conversation with myself a few times on how I could have just bought a quilt for less that the fabric I bought to MAKE one – but I have decided that the memories that went into finding the fabric and learning to make a quilt on my own far outweigh the cost.

So friends, anyone have quilting advice for muah?

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  1. Oooh I have always wanted to learn to quilt but I just don't have any patience. I think it's actually pretty different from normal sewing - special foot maybe? Can't wait to see the finished product!