Lost and Found

As I write this I have a new friend curled up at my feet.

Quietly sleeping.

He thinks I hung the moon and wants to stay right by my side. Normally, this type of outward up front show of affection freaks me out. But lets be serious, who can resist this face


Look how scraggly that baby looks. A friend from work found this sweet boy hanging out in a bank parking lot with no home in site. She quickly grabbed him up to make sure he didn’t get into trouble. Now it’s the hunt to find his mommy.


Want to know more about him?

The best car rider EVER. He just laid down and slept. Unfortunately, hes not micro chipped and has not a collar or tag one. After getting a bath it was quickly discovered he brought a few friends with him – fleas. Wah Wah. Come to find out there is a little pill that you can give your dog or cat and the fleas literally fall off them. Both him and Maggie got a dose and are now sleeping like the cute little babies they are.


It looks like he has been groomed in the last month or two so I am positive his parents are out there searching for him. Now just to find them…


Know anyone looking for the sweetest Schnauzer ever? He knows how to sit and lay down and I am pretty sure the kid is potty trained too.

I think we are spending today calling groomers and vets around the area to see if his parents have been looking high and low.


That’s his, “I hope you have a good day” face


  1. DOn't forget to post on Craig's List too! And and! All designed to help reunite pets with their families!!

  2. Oh, he's beautiful! Hope you find his momma, but if you don't, he will make a lovely match to your beautiful kitty.