Blasted Chairs

If someone asked how I define my project style (not sure why they would) I would quickly answer that I am a Do-It-Yourselfer! My hobbies include looking for, refinishing, and repurposing furniture and such. I cringe at the thought of spending money to have someone else do what I am perfectly capable of doing myself. Granted, I know I am in a small subset of the universe and that most of the world would rather get it off their hands and have someone else do the dirt work. Neither is right or wrong.

Then comes times like these when I do have to send off some work to be done by a professional.

Sandblasting is not my forte nor do I want to invest time or money making it such. That is why when these babies came into my life I knew right off someone else was going to have to removed that long lived rust. After calling a few places around town I landed on a local shop that could sandblast all four chair bases for a reasonable price… $25 reasonable!


Hello bargain! He told me it would be a few days since he had some other jobs lined up but low n behold they were ready the next day! I kept thinking it had to be too good to be true. To be honest, I even made him repeat a few times that it was $25 for the whole job and not per chair. After they were paid for and loaded I hauled booty out of that place before they could change their mine.

Especially when they did this kind of job… excellent!2012-04-10

I was unaware but I guess rust never really “goes away” – it can easily come back unless its stopped by a  rust stopper (i.e. rustoleum). Because of that there are some spot with minor rust showing through but my nice sandblasting friend told me to lightly sand them before painting and I would be good.


I love the original metal color that is now showing through after all that orange rust is gone. This is a sure fire way to give me a good “after” example for when I grab that silver spray paint.




Seeing them look so pretty sets a fire under my behind to get them all finished. Now if I could only settle on a fabric choice…

Anyone ever had items sandblasted before? I would say it was $25 very well spent!

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