Tips and Tricks {no mess painting}

This trick might be common knowledge – who knows, and maybe I am not the only one who always buys disposable paint trays – ALWAYS

I hate washing out brushes and really hate washing out roller trays so I almost always buy the disposable inserts.

Then I ran out of money. $8 for inserts… that’s like two weeks worth of sonic happy hour

So I got creative. Enter tinfoil. Again, this might be common knowledge.

Tin foil lined paint trays ACTUALLY work! I thought there had to be a reason I hadn't heard of this before and maybe that’s because it didn’t work, but not so… IT DOES!

paint label

I foil lined my paint stained roller tray and used it the entire time I painted a very large piece of furniture. Not once did it move, tear, stick to my roller – nothing.



After I was done I simply rolled it up and threw it away.


Badda bing badda boom!


Not only did this save time but it saved some hassle too. Now lets think of a way to never ever have to wash paint brushes, ideas that don’t include throwing away expensive paint brushes

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  1. Hi there! Didn't know if you knew the trick that you can refrigerate your brushes, rollers and paint trays in between coats of paint. It is glorious. You can wrap them in a plastic bag or put them in a leftover plastic container. If you've never done it, try it. It is life changing. And yes, I am completely willing to stand by that bold statement!