Tips and Tricks {Avocado}

I have a generous love (and partial hate) for avocados.

I love the buttery flavor, the way they pair so well with multitudes of things, the pretty green color, the generous supply of Omega 3, and how well they can stand on their own… guacamole any one?? There is another side to this relationship though. The hate side. The side that gets so irritated at how expensive these itty bitty guys can cost and how quickly they spoil. No one likes a brown avocado.

Avocados are rich in Omega 3 and provide “good” fat but also rack up a good 350 calories EACH. Therefore, I like to eat them in moderation… maybe I did go through 3 in the past seven days – but hey, it wasn’t 3 in one day right?!

Here is the problem though, if I eat them in moderation that means eating them one half at a time and saving the other half. Have you ever tried to “save” an avocado? It never really works. Until now.

The other night I saved half of an avocado – core side in – inside of a ziplock bag and laid it out with the rest of my fruit. When I went to eat it the next day for lunch it looked like this:


Dad gum – brown avocado. BUT WAIT there is a happy ending to this story.

After taking a sharp knife and removing a very thin layer from the top I was greeted with a nice fresh green avocado!


I jumped for joy – who knew you could actually save an avocado and even more without lime juice!!


You guys, this changed my world because food can do that to you. Granted, I haven't ever saved one for more than a day because that should be illegal.

For the rest of the world this is probably no big deal because you have a family to feed and nothing remains after your husband gets in the kitchen. But for us single ladies this is a big honkin’ deal.


Now go forth and successfully save your leftover avocado for tomorrows lunch…

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  1. You know Avocados go/can go in the fridge, too, right? that really slows down the oxidation process. Keeping something air tight directly AGAINST the exposed flesh will also stop the browning! Like, saran wrap?