Whiskey Business

There is a new liquor store opening up close to my office downtown named Whiskey Business – isn't that perfect? The name – not the location of a liquor store in relation to my office.

The name seems even more fitting with my new flower pot endeavor.

See, I have these hideous downspouts on either side of my garage and anything to disguise them would be a step in the right direction. Why not add large colorful flower pots to take away the harshness of those white pipes?


Side note – who knew that large flower pots could run you upwards of $100 bucks?! Gracious… I am in the wrong line of work

Due to the high price of pretty clay pots I was left to find something fitting for my yard that wouldn’t break the bank.

Enter Jack Daniels


At $30 a pop (pun intended!) these rustic wooden pots were right up my alley. I loved not only the warn wood but also the metal fastenings around the sides. Really compliments the new garage door if I do say so myself.



Because all plants need a pot that drains, holes were drilled in the bottom of each barrel


Next up a combination of compost and potting soil



Then the plants – ahhhh so pretty






And because we all love a good before and after – lets see how much those pots (and new garage door) really help out in the curb appeal department




I wanted to give you more of a visual on the flower beds. After I posted yesterday I realized it was hard to really see the WHOLE picture – as in what I was talking about with the two beds complimenting each other.


See how the right side starts in line with the left?


The ditch dug to outline the bed and hopefully get some sort of paver (that’s a whole nother story) to outline the flower beds.




Don’t mind the painters tape still on the right window – still have one last room of trim painting to do :)

Now just close your eyes and imagine all the grass in the flower beds dead and gone and all the actual dead grass in my yard sprouting like crazy… Funny how things work like that. The stuff you need dead is thriving and the stuff you want to thrive is dead!


Project Front Yard

It has started… the front yard that had one lonely little bush is getting a makeover – starting with that bush.


I contemplated leaving this sucker in place because, well, plants are expensive and why kill a good thing. Unfortunately, that bush was wayyyy too close to the house and I wasn’t exactly sure how to work around it. There was even talk of relocating it but its big and that would have been more work than I really wanted to do.


So out it came.

Seems so bare there now. The smallest, errr largest, bushes can really make a difference in the appearance of a landscape.




Next up the water hose flower bed layout. It was time to figure out what the heck I was going to do with the other side of the yard. My mom had the idea to bring the flower bed down even with the one on the left (where that bush just got axed) and then curve it up and around. We played around with the shape a bit and then got it to where I like it.


Both sides will be full flower beds – no grass. In the not to distant future you might see a tree - or three - going in.


When buying the house I never really considered if I wanted to get something that already had landscaping started or not but now that I am working with a completely open palate I am pleased. It is much easier to start from scratch… but also much more expensive.

Give me three – or ten – years and maybe this yard will start coming together.

Now to kill all that grass, put down pavers, and try to disguise those darn down spouts!

Anyone else taking on yard projects lately?



I have so many things to show you guys – lots of yard work is about to commence but alas I got distracted and forgot the pictures at home…


This little booger has been holding my attention as of late and thus importing pictures was forgotten.


Hey, at least she's cute! My niece is staying with me this week and then I am off to Warrenton Texas for a big ole flea market weekend. I cannot wait. My plan is to upload lots of pictures tonight and show you outdoor progress tomorrow… that is if my lap isn't already preoccupied!



Tips and Tricks {Avocado}

I have a generous love (and partial hate) for avocados.

I love the buttery flavor, the way they pair so well with multitudes of things, the pretty green color, the generous supply of Omega 3, and how well they can stand on their own… guacamole any one?? There is another side to this relationship though. The hate side. The side that gets so irritated at how expensive these itty bitty guys can cost and how quickly they spoil. No one likes a brown avocado.

Avocados are rich in Omega 3 and provide “good” fat but also rack up a good 350 calories EACH. Therefore, I like to eat them in moderation… maybe I did go through 3 in the past seven days – but hey, it wasn’t 3 in one day right?!

Here is the problem though, if I eat them in moderation that means eating them one half at a time and saving the other half. Have you ever tried to “save” an avocado? It never really works. Until now.

The other night I saved half of an avocado – core side in – inside of a ziplock bag and laid it out with the rest of my fruit. When I went to eat it the next day for lunch it looked like this:


Dad gum – brown avocado. BUT WAIT there is a happy ending to this story.

After taking a sharp knife and removing a very thin layer from the top I was greeted with a nice fresh green avocado!


I jumped for joy – who knew you could actually save an avocado and even more without lime juice!!


You guys, this changed my world because food can do that to you. Granted, I haven't ever saved one for more than a day because that should be illegal.

For the rest of the world this is probably no big deal because you have a family to feed and nothing remains after your husband gets in the kitchen. But for us single ladies this is a big honkin’ deal.


Now go forth and successfully save your leftover avocado for tomorrows lunch…


Open Sesame take 2

The garage door guys came out last Monday over lunch and priced a new garage door with installation for me. It took no more than 30 minutes for him to measure, me to pick out a door, and him to price it all out for me.

Fast forward to Friday morning – the guys were at my house at 9am sharp to install the new door. They not only replaced the door but the tracks that it opened on and added an opener/motor so I no longer had to open the door manually. And to think they did it all while I was at work. Yep, that’s right. I locked the garage door entry to the house and left the big garage door unlocked when I left for work. The guys were able to lift open the garage (which lacks in housing valuables) and get to work.

Now I have an easy access into the house and I feel even more secure being home alone!





Such a difference! No more chippy paint – even though chippy paint does have a special place in my heart…






The door before didn’t have a seal to keep out water or wind – it was original to the house and I guess they didn’t need that back then?! The new door, however, has a nice snug seal that sits on the outside of the door to keep all the elements outside the garage.





I honestly didn’t realize that a) it would make such a difference in the appearance of my house and b) that the choice between windows and no windows on the door would be so difficult.

I wrestled with that last one y’all. I'm talking changed my mind multiple times but in the end I liked the lower price that no windows offered and the added security. This way no one can see in and (not that it would do them any good) no one can break a window trying to get in.



What a beauty – even more beautiful is the garage door opener in my Jeep – halleluiah!



Have you heard?

I had never heard of Migas before a friend introduced me to the idea. Eggs and tortillas – duh that’s a breakfast burrito… no no no just you wait.

Migas are all over the place these days – you can find various recipes on any popular cooking/recipe website. I had yet to look when I made them for dinner the other night so simple it was.





bam – tasty tasty tasty dinner

I added a little bit of milk to my eggs, mixed them up, added it to a skillet with shredded corn tortillas, and cooked it all just like I would scrambled eggs. After it was done cooking I added some shredded cheese to the top and dinner was served. Granted mine was accompanied by a sliced avocado and some salsa.

There are tons of different takes on Migas – PW made them but with a bit more effort


Homesick Texan always has fabulous ideas – which didn’t stop at her Migas

So tell me this – am I the only one to just now hear about Migas?? Try them out and tell me what you think… I have a feeling this will be dinner again tonight


Magic Carpet

A package came on Saturday.

I waited around very patiently  all morning waiting to see that FedEx truck drive up.

Then it happened. Clouds parted and angels sang… IT had arrived


That is where we started Saturday morning at.


This is how it looked around 3pm that afternoon. LOVE IT





Now I just need new chairs and a place for those tall bar stool type chairs.

Isnt that rug a plush beauty?

Here is what it looks like in full

Le Sigh.

Who knew a rug could do this to a girl. Part of me wishes I could just hang it on the wall and stare at it all day – love it much?

Did anyone else get a package on Saturday? New buys? Found a killer rug?


Open Sesame

Today is a big day here at TwentyOneFiftyNine – a new garage door is in the works. Sounds minimal but the thought of just pushing a button to open up my garage door makes me all giddy inside. Not to mention maybe one day Ill be able to actually park in there…

The current garage door is original with the house and lacks on the security front.

Here she is for the last time in all her chippy goodness