The loss of my sanity

I miss place things a lot.

Okay – I miss place things all the time. I have spent too much time looking for the usual car keys and cell phone down to the crazier things like my car and my mind.

Like all good “crafters” I have a craft box that holds my essentials – things like ribbon, hot glue, glitter, stamps, etc. Within this craft box lies my sanity. Loose the craft box = loose my ever lovin mind.

I think we all know where this story is going. I CANT FIND MY CRAFT BOX. If I had a child that ran away there is a chance I would be slightly less frantic than I am now.  Kidding. Kind of.

Telling you about my sudden loss is giving me anxiety – sweaty palms and all.

The day I realized my craft haven was misplaced was the same day I had 25 people showing up at my house for a “house warming/birthday” celebration. I wanted something to spice up the door – because a plain door doesn’t say welcome like a yarn wrapped wreath or felt flowers, duh. Being the shoddy crafter that I am since moving, I had neither a yarn wreath or felt flowers to adorn my door and turned my sights inward to see what I could find around my house to give my door some life.

Insert gold letter “R” from hobby lobby that at one time hung as a monogram on my wall. Now all I needed was some ribbon to wrap it with and hang her up we’d go.

Well, my beloved ribbon was neatly tucked away in my even more beloved craft box which I COULD NOT FIND. (Still cant find) Insert slight panic as everyone was to come over in oh…. 30 minutes.

I tried tying up my “R” with scrap fabric. No can do.

I tried tying it up with lace. Even worse.

Then I saw a beacon of light. A fabric pom pom banner I randomly won in an online giveaway.

Could it be? My saving grace?

It worked, by golly, and even looked DARN cute!

So now I sit before you – figuratively – with a cute front door and no craft box.


And just to give a little umph to this post – how about a view of what I did over the weekend?

iphone drop

Check back tomorrow for all the details!