Chippy Doors and Bathroom Shelves

Happy Monday Y’all!

How was your weekend? I kept pretty busy and you’ll love my new finds that I got at a local estate sale – fingers crossed I’ll show you those later this week.

Let’s talk about things that don’t need to be refinished – you know those few things in the house that I have actually crossed off the list – you know, rather than add to it.

When I was remodeling I had a few exterior doors replaced for security and heating/cooling reasons but just because they can’t hold up against the common burglar doesn’t mean they should go to the door graveyard. Thanks to pinterest, a sander, and a few spare towels I got a guest room headboard out of the whole deal.


The doors were pretty dirty so I cleaned them up and sanded them down to get rid of the paint that was really chippy.


Mi madre helped me carry them in the house and get them set up just right. We made sure to set some old hand towels down first to keep the doors in place and to also help keep them from scratching the hardwoods.


There isn't anything holding the doors in place except gravity – which works just fine for me. These guys are solid wood (minus the window) so they stand pretty darn firm leaned up against the wall. Add a queen sized bed in front of them and I don’t think they are going anywhere.


My goal is to get something on them to help spruce em up a bit – maybe a cute wreath hanging down between the two or a garland of sorts strung around the tops.


There is still nothing on the walls in here which makes me feel like this room is far from complete – I mean who has empty walls!?! Smile


And this is currently the makeshift footboard… awesome



Do you remember me showing you some shelving ideas I had for the bathroom?

I had two of the three shelves on hand from my old apartment (they used to be over my desk) and just repurposed them into bathroom shelves.


Open shelves in kitchens are all the rage right now – I used the concept in my bathroom instead. Personally I would much rather you see my rolls of toilet paper and cute baskets than having to make sure my dishes are nice a neat.


Needless to say, these little diddys sure come in handy and help get a lot of those bathroom necessities up off the floor and put away.


The top rectangular basket houses all my travel make up bags, jewelry rolls, and travel sized bottles and such. Under that is a smaller round shaped basket which keeps various lotions, body sprays, and hair products at bay. Over the door I have toilet paper (obviously) and a basket with random odds and ends that I don’t access very often.



I still have a bit of organization left, but these shelves sure do help with the process.



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  1. I love the shelf over the door idea. I think I've pinned this from someplace before. It's space that we always tend to overlook.