Up and Coming

My momma is coming into town tomorrow and there are sooo many projects in the que. Lots of painting, nailing, decorating, organizing, and refurbishing - its going to be glooooorious I tell yah.

Not more glorious than this awesome find my momma picked up

What's that you see??? Yes, that is 8 separate wooden window blinds. All different sizes, some usable and some not but the best part about all of this... they were FREE. I swear that woman can find a deal with her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back.

Here is the kicker... those blinds retail for (at minimum) $40 for one window. Now lets do some math and multiply that times 8... That's $320 in binds. Say whaaaa?

Even better... the ones I don't use I can craigslist and get a few bucks outta the deal.


On a completely opposite note - my washer flooded my laundry room on Sunday night. Panic ensued but after the plumbers came yesterday I was able to rest easy knowing it was just a clogged drain. I don't have a penny to my name after this moving in stuff, so knowing at this moment it wouldn't cost me a dime was very nice.

Okay - I am off to do more laundry (now that I can and all...)


  1. depending on the kind of blind, they can sometimes be cut down at home depot on a special machine they have.

    1. You know - the ones in my bathroom I bought at HD and had them cut to size but these are actually a fraction shorter than my windows. Some are just plain too small but then there are those gems that actually fit!!!