Thrift Love

I have a lot of furniture to get.

After this weekend, I have a lot of furniture to re-do.

My friend Erica commented on a recent post pointing me to some awesome antique/flea market/thrift stores. I saw her comment Friday and made sure to visit them 4 hours later (as soon as I left work).

$130 later I now have a coffee table, dresser, and a cedar chest.

The coffee table is a long rectangular shape with great curvy legs and a cute little side drawer. (the only pictures I have of it are on my phone which is across the room and I am too lazy to get it to upload the pictures.)

This great coffee table came from a local store and cost a whopping $40. This sucker is SOLID wood so it was a fantastic score, as it won't wear out on me in a few years. (Tulsa area people - its at 11th and Yale)

One my way home from antique diving I stopped at an estate sale in my neighborhood. I got really lucky and snuck in right before they closed for the day. Even luckier that I found a great dresser and cedar chest. The dresser was priced at $100 and the cedar chest $65 - too expensive for my penny a day budget.

Don't fret my friends, Saturday was half off everything and since I got there at closing (on Friday) the nice gentleman told me he would give me both pieces at 50% off and I could pick them up them up the next day... even better he helped deliver the monster of a chest.

Dresser/Chest of Drawers

Cedar Chest modeled by Maggie

So what are my ideas for these diamonds currently sporting their ruff?

I think I will pull a pallet board chevron look on the top of the coffee table and paint the bottom... color to be determined. Add cute anthro pulls and we are in business.

Pinned Image
 As for the cedar chest, I am thinking a tuffted top and painted bottom to accent the front details

The dresser is going to be a feat, mainly due to its size, but I am thinking white and spraying the current pulls an awesome color to give it that special pop.

Outside of getting a house together I seem to keep adding to my to-do list... Gotta Love It!


  1. Glad you found the stores! I LOVE the flea market at 11th and Yale... the owner always scores awesome pieces for cheap. Good luck with the re-do's, looks like you got some great stuff!

  2. Sorry this comment is a bit random... but... I LOVE the expression on your cats face!! lol too cute!

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo