There is a tractor in my back yard

After my short afternoon of thrifting on Friday I rushed home (before leaving again for an event) to find a tractor in my back yard.

Not only was there a tractor in my backyard but there was a huge pile of dirt in the front yard and a half removed fence on the side.

Looks like the patio is coming along nicely!

Unfortunately the patio took preference over the clothes line and those have since been removed. What stands in its place is a whole lotta dirt and some wood that will soon be turned into a form for the patio to set.

I decided against a wood deck or laid stone mainly due to the price and upkeep. Honestly, I wasn't looking for something that I would have to clean, seal, and re stain in the next couple of years. Also, I have heard of stone shifting and wasn't looking to deal with that either.

Instead I chose a stamped concrete patio to give the backyard a little flair without being a diva in terms of maintenance.

picture for reference - the border
 Currently staining the concrete is not in budget but can be done at a later date if I choose. Because I am not planning on staining the concrete right out of the gate, I wanted to go with a pattern that still looked nice in its true grey form.

picture for reference - the stamped pattern with no stain
 The weather here has been so up and down lately that I am not exactly sure when they will get around to pouring the concrete (it needs to be warmer than 50 degrees) but rest assured you will be some of the first to see it in all its glory!

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