Off the Wagon

The past two weeks I have been the worst at blogging updates - as you all are very aware of.

HOWEVER, I have made WORLDS of progress on the house. We are talking backslash in, counter tops sealed, all rooms painted, bathroom vanity installed, doors painted, furniture (semi) moved in - big steps y'all.

Its starting to look more and more like MY house. So crazy how much more "yours" it feels the second you add a few things here and there.

 Gotta love the big daddy of a fridge all in place :)

 My goal in the upcoming days is to post like crazy - I gots lots to show you!

Today we shall start with the counter tops.

I read many different blogs that used the Ikea butcher block counter tops and most of them pointed to the need to seal them with something other than what Ikea provides. There were quite a few suggestions for "Waterlox" as its not only food safe but an awesome wood sealer. I got rather lucky and found the ONE store in Tulsa that sells Waterlox and happened to get the last little bit they had on the shelves.

This sealer calls for a natural bristle brush or lambs wool to apply with. I went with the natural bristle brush mainly because they were one sale at my second home - Sherwin Williams.

Here are the bare beauties:

Now after the first coat of sealer.

The directions did mention it could change the color of the wood slightly. I was hesitant but I really like the warmth it adds to the kitchen.

Most people like to seal the underneath of the counter tops but I didn't quite have the luxury and to be honest didn't really see the big push to do that. It would be great but was a tad over cautious for me. In all reality had this been the only project going in my house I would have most likely sealed every inch but due to the magnitude of a complete home renovation I didn't really see the need.

I put on three coats of the Waterlox and sanded lightly between coats. It was so crazy what a difference a little sanding block could do between the coats. The wood went from grainy feeling to a smooth surface in a matter of minutes.

As for the sealing effect - so far so good. Water beads up on the counter top and is very easy to wipe off.

I was so set on butcher block counter tops and can honestly say I am glad I stuck with them!


  1. I LOVE how your place is coming along. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. I've never seen butcher block counter tops before, but I love the look!!