Doors and Trim

Thrilling - isn't it?

When I bought this house I really didn't put much thought into replacing the interior doors. I had more on my mind... like this kitchen.

But after priming on the trim I realized those chippy off-white doors weren't going to cut it. Here is the problem though, the door I would replace it with is $58 doll hairs each! So, if you include closet doors that is 6 doors total coming in at just under $350 before taxes. And that's about the time my shoulders slouched and I started in on the pouty face.

For my birthday (in December) my Mom got me an awesome paint sprayer. She found out about it via Vintage Revivals and with all my DIY-ing and my love of re-purposing furniture it was the perfect gift to send me into my 25th year.

It might have been the most perfectly timed present too, seeing as my door dilemma was not fixing itself.

After my mother showed me that you can take doors off the hinge with out actually removing the hinge (who knew?!) I quickly got to work spraying them outside with the same paint I will use for the trim.

A few coats on each side and a door blown over on top of spray painting homeowner incident later - we were in painted door business.

It makes a huge difference - even though I don't have the pictures to prove it - you're going to have to just take my word on this one.

And then there is the trim.

When refinishing my floors, I took up the quarter round (trim piece closest to the floor) so that the floor guys could get good and close to the trip without banging up the already banged up quarter round.

Side note: everyone always says "oh yea quarter round is cheap to replace - do it" but I would like to be the first to say that it is NOT cheap to replace quarter round... I'm talking 200 big ones. However, if you feel this is "pretty cheap" then you can come over and invest into my new doors :)

old color baseboards (needing paint) & new composite quarter round

My faithful dad installed all the quarter round and thankfully I got the kind that is not actually real wood but instead a composite and happens to be water proof and the same color as the white I am painting the baseboards. Now I just need to caulk the space between the quarter round and the baseboard - paint the (already primed) baseboards.

replacement baseboard (comes primed) & composite quarter round

I am tired just typing about the baseboards/quarter round - not sure how far I will get on actually painting them in the near future...

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