Trim and molding have rapidly become my best friend. Never have I really noticed trim around doors and windows or crown molding at the ceiling but times are a changin'.

Over the weekend the carpenter was out and after he finished installing the countertops I had him hang a new door off the utility room and also trim out the kitchen, dining room, and a few doors/openings. The change in the rooms was unmistakable. Those select areas went from unfinished to face lift in a matter of hours.

I decided to go with a large crown molding with not much ornate detail and a pretty standard door trim. For the utility door we stuck with the original wood trim and I will just paint it to match. Outside both doors (utility and french) got a nice finishing touch with a very simple and subtle trim.

This post could easily become a drinking game - ready drink after every time I say "trim" - right now you should be at seven drinks. Gracious.

Back to the topic at hand - TRIM.

I havent given the full down low on the countertops yet - but thats coming I promise. However, I wanted to show you this neat little customization the carpenter made with installing the trim around the utility room entrance (from the kitchen).

The trim needed to be fairly large to cover the opening where the old trim once hung but the magnitude of its size cut into the countertops. No fear - my carpenter is here! Customization at its best!

I can't wait for paint to go up in these two rooms and get the final touches in place. It's going to be gawwwgeous I tell yah

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  1. Wow, amazing what a little TRIM can do. I'm now drunk. Just kidding. I'm drinking tea. But I'm going to read this entry again tonight with alcohol? Maybe I'm not kidding about that one.

    Happy for your progress!