To the window

Wait - no that doesn't work because the window  is GONE!

What once was a window unit space turned window (when the house got central heat and air) has now been turned into a WALL. I guess you knew that considering cabinets now reside in its place.

The process from window to wall wasn't half bad. My dad removed the window (glass) and surrounding trim and proceeded to put in a few 2X4's to "frame" the space so that he could then attach sheetrock. After that it was time to mud and tape (which got done last week) and lastly cover up the whole in the brick.

A mortar expert came out and fixed the door - whoop whoop - and also closed in the window opening.

Besides a slight discoloration in the mortar (due to it being fresh/wet) I am not sure you can tell that this space was once two windows and is now a french door and a .... wall.

Before we take a trip down memory lane I would love to tell you a sweet story about the man who bricked the outside of the house (er fixed the door/window)

Please note this young man spoke verrrrry little English

Sarah: great job its looking really good
Worker: Thank you ma'am
S: will the mortar match once it is all dry?
W: Yes, ma'am, just wet now
S: awesome - keep it up looks great
W: You own the house?
S: Yea but I was just coming over to check some stuff out I'm headed to watch the OSU football game
W: Oh, Ok - you like cowboys?
S: Yea, I went to school there!!!
W: (a tad confused) oh, yea... you like dance with cowboys?
S: (smiles awkwardly) ahhaha yeaaaaa
-Phone Rings - THANK YOU MOM

Who knew he noticed my cowboy boots and was talking about ACTUAL cowboys and not the OSU COWBOYS.... awkward

Now on to progress pictures :)

When I first saw the house:


All complete!

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