This is one of the only times I will ever be excited that something is stained. Most of the time with stains come curse words and a tide to go pen. This time there is joy and excitement!

I give you stained hardwoods!

(note these were all taken from the doorstep - can't disturb the drying stain!!)

Today and tomorrow will be the finishing stages of Project hardwood upgrade. A few coats of finish and I can walk around my house again.

Since I couldn't work at the house this weekend I spent my time creating on a different front

Lets just say I was one popular little girl this morning at the office

I also found my new love - sparkly goodness that doesn't shed its sparkles

and look at these beauties I found at Marshall's. All under $50 - seriously. If I wasn't a girl on a SERRRRRIOUS budget I would have scooped them up in a heartbeat.

center lamp with the gorgeous base - please come to mama

Hopefully this is a short week for the masses - for me its a 3 day week (praise that sweet little baby jesus) I dont think I could have managed a full week

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