So Fresh and So Clean

Blogger is making me write in the center only. Cool.

This weekend was a house overhaul extravaganza.

I'm tired. And sore. More sore than tired

The living room is now painted
The carpet has been pulled up
All ceilings except for one room have a fresh coat of paint
The bathroom looks completely new and got 3 coats of navy paint
Wallpaper out of closets
Two out of three closets primed
Guest room painted
Appliances have arrived
Counter tops installed
Crown molding in the dining room and kitchen has been hung
New utility room door hung and trimmed
Back french doors finished with trim
Bathroom vanity painted
plus other odds and ends

just typing all that wears me out.

Some of that was done by a carpenter - none of it could have been done without my mom. She will also answer to Wonder Woman

Check out the new fresh tile in the bathroom. Since these pictures its been painted but we will go one step at a time.

Enter: the smelliest paint job around - refacing bathroom tile

 I am off to take more advil and maybe find a dark corner somewhere.

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