There is a reason I don't blog professionally - case and point - I went to the house at lunch yesterday to do a little work and take some pictures during day light hours only I forgot the memory card to my DSLR and my point and shoot battery was dead. Thus I was left with the good ole IPhone.

Any good blogger would walk through all this progress step by step explaining and filling in the details. Not I, I think pictures speak a thousand words (no matter the quality) and I like them to do a lot of the talking.

Starting off: Kitchen progress.

Counter tops are on and secure but need a few coats of tung oil (waterlox) before they are complete. Can we all take a moment and admire the butcher block beauty? I have a strong intuition that I will be a water/stain nazi about them but their beauty makes up for it by far.

Cabinets have been painted - below you can see them with a coat of primer. Thank the good lord above you can pay people to do this because I have no desire whatsoever to try and paint those myself.

The sink is in its rightfull home and its a beast of a sink I tell yah. That thing is massive but good thing I am into the big boned types.

Next we have the Bathroom:

Paint is on the walls and the tile is nice and fresh. I dont have any "look how awesome the bathroom looks finished" pictures because well... it was late and dark by the time it was all done. So, those shall come later. Instead, you get the "what a difference a second coat of paint makes" pictures.

I decided to paint the frame of the bathroom mirror a bright yellow. I think the grey from the floor tile with the bright while of the wall/tub tile mixed with the navy walls will look fabulous with the pop of bright color.

that little bug took the spray paint plunge

And finally the Walls:

They have been painted. I now have carpul tunel in my right hand - also known as the claw. The paint looks AWESOME - the trim not so much. It has only been primed and will get a nice coat of expensive (thank you Sherwin Williams) trim paint in the near future.

To me, its so amazing how much of a difference paint can make. I feel like the house is so much more fresh now.

The carpet in those last pictures has since been removed and the floors are getting refinished on Thursday. Progress I tell yah.


  1. I absolutely LOVE those counter tops!!

  2. It is looking so gorgeous. You have worked so hard and are so lucky to have so much help, wow!!! I love the colors. Totally my taste.

    I'm debating about whether to call the broker about prequalifying this morning, or if I should wait until I book another wedding.. I've been in a major slump lately and it makes me nervous!!