Scenes from a remodel

Picture this: dust everywhere, little walking room, dirty grimy wall tile, and nails strewn through out the floor.

Stressful? Yes!

Sign of progress? For Sure!

I feel so blessed to be able to transform this house into exactly what I want. Make it my own but boy is this process stressful.

This week (fingers crossed) the sheet rock guys will come do their thang and I should be getting a patio not to mention the bathroom tile is going to get a face lift.

I have been promising pictures for a good week or so, sorry its taken so long to deliver on my promises.

the window that once housed a window unit is getting walled up

new fans in all the bedrooms

expanded closet awaiting the last bit of sheet rock

tiles replaced from where there used to be a soap rack, toothbrush holder, and towel rack... all in the tile

clothes line that will soon be no more :(

lunch on the go. no rest for the weary

all of my belongings are now housed in the garage

Tomorrow I will fill you in on all the fantastic work my family got done this holiday weekend when they were in town.

What am I thankful for? An AWESOME family of hard workers!

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  1. Okay, that french door that is bricked in is just confusing me! What's going on there? lol

    I somehow missed you switched blogs and was out of the loop until a couple weeks ago or whatever when I went to see why you girls hadn't been writing! I'm trying to catch up now.

    I am especially fascinated because I am looking at houses JUST LIKE YOURS in another state. (I think- Utah?) I live in California but my business lets me work anywhere and I am ready to Go! I am dying to ask the price on the house and what your income was when you applied for a loan. I am so freaked out about the financial stuff and I don't know many people I've been able to ask to compare. I did meet a lady at the dog park who got a pre-qual for a $120k loan, on a $35k/year income pre taxes.... Does it ding your credit to get pre-qualified? I am really ready to do this but soo, sooo chicken all at once! You are so brave!!!