Major Purchases

Hi my name is Sarah and I have severe buyers remorse.

Any purchase over $30(ish) makes my heart beat a little faster - and not in a good way.

Prime example: On Cyber Monday, Ann Taylor - Loft had all their items at 50% off. My initial thought was "Perfect work pants on the cheap" seeing as they are really the only pants that seem to fit right in the waist and bum, but that is neither here nor there. I browsed through all the pretty things on the website and even put three pairs of pants in my "cart" but when it came time to check out I just couldn't go through with it. I might have done the same with a pair of super cute boots from Piperlime. I am just not very good at buying big dollar items - and by "big dollar" I mean these were $115 and $45 respectively

During the process of buying this house I think I tried to give up and back out about 3 separate times. To be completely honest - there are still days I wonder what I got myself into. However, at the end of the day I know this is what God wants in my life right now. I am sure of it. How you ask? Because he keeps providing!

Now that I have done and got all off subject lets reign it back in.

I pulled the trigger and made some very large purchases lately.

Lets start with the family of stainless beauties.

These gorgeous little diddys came at a steal of a deal and I might cry the day they are delivered and installed (two-ish weeks).

Everyone take a moment and swoon over that fridge. Maybe this will help in that process:

Next up - the TV. I still use the only TV I have ever had, as in the one I got for Christmas in 4th grade. She's been great to me but lets just say "baby's got back".

This new one though - this new little girl is sleek and thin - think Victoria Secret model two days before the big fashion show. She was a steal also, duh!, on Black Friday but wasn't actually on "sale". My brother, the TV expert, narrowed down my choices and ultimately I came home with this 42" Vizio.

And lastly - my most favorite purchase BY FAR. If you follow me on pinterest you know how much I luuurve "tufted" items. My goal is to make a stellar tufted headboard in the not to distant future but I thought I would kick start my addiction with this couch.

Since its a "special order" - as in I got a color that they don't sell regularly - I have to wait until mid-January to bring her home. It will be hard but I think I can muster up the stamina to wait out her arrival.

Now that my savings account is at close to zero the buyers remorse has set in but not like it did with those dang pants from LOFT - at least I pulled the trigger on these purchases.


  1. I am the exact same way with money. $30 and up makes me nervous!! These are such fantastic items that you purchased though! I LOVE that couch.

  2. I TOTALLY know how you feel, I am the exact same way!

  3. I love that couch. SERIOUSLY. And how do I follow you and your tufted items?? lol