Daddy Do - Kitchen Demo

My dad has been here all week helping with house projects. His list included things like turn doors into walls, expand a closet, fix the bathroom tile, trim the tree that is currently growing on my roof, and the all important kitchen demo!

Most cabinets are screwed into the wall (or a brace) and to remove them you can simply unscrew the "box" and take them out without damaging the wall behind the cabinets.

Lucky for me, or my dad, my cabinets were built "on site" back in the 50's meaning they werent constructed in a warehouse and shipped over to be installed (like they do nowadays). Nope, they were legit back then and built cabinets right there at your house and installed them as they went. Because of this all my cabinets were NAILED into the sheetrock.

Lets just say, my dad got to have some fun with a sledge hammer.

By noon on the first day he was in town I got a text that said "kitchen demolished". How about we all pause for a moment that my dad was able to successfully send a TEXT?!?! I guess that demolition really got to him.

Besides the cabinets, there was also a header type beam that hung from the ceiling between the dining room and kitchen. I really wanted this gone to help the kitchen feel larger and more open. After getting it checked to make sure the beam wasnt "structural" (providing support to the walls) I gave him the go ahead to take that sucker down.

Here is where we stand:

Cabinets are all ready and should be arriving next week sometime to be installed and then painted. EEEEE! (that was a shreak)

Happy Thursday y'all! Hopefully next week Ill be back with some exciting Thanksgiving week cabinet surprises :)

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