Color me happy

There is a lot going on around the house right now.

Demolition has started and my dad - may or may not - be getting sledge hammer happy. Either way, I thank the good Lord above that I have a father who loves a good home DIY.

I'll give you a little demo sneak peak to tide you over until I can get all the good decent pictures uploaded.

Major change - huh?

Lets take a moment and notice the sweet paint job. I counted three different shade of teal on that wall. Granted those little squares of color you see were once the back ground in the cabinets. Either way - could they not just pick a color??

Wait - I do know that feeling... picking a color is hard work. When I look at the different color charts part of me gets so carried away that the colors all start looking alike and blending together.

I think I made it even harder because I was against putting tan on my walls. Mainly because I wanted something different than the norm. I don't have anyone to compromise with so why not do what I want to do!?! Small problem... what do I want to do??

At first I thought I wanted grey on the kitchen cabinets, AND in the dining room, AND in the living room... a big ole grey house.

Then I came to my senses. Time to embrace color my friends.

I landed on these three color choices from Sherwin Williams. I have yet to pick a bedroom color but that should come in the near future.

The guys at Sherwin Williams may or may not have felt guilty for me when I came in to buy NINE gallons of paint and to ease my burden may or may not have given me a FORTY percent discount.

Thank you Sherwin Williams.

I managed to walk out with 5 gallons of trim/door paint, 2 gallons of wall paint, and 2 gallons of ceiling paint (I call not it on the ceilings).

Here are my color choices:

You like?

All the trim will be bright white and I think it will play really well against these colors.

Just for a frame of reference - here is what the wall color looks like actually on a wall

I think it definitely gives off a green hue but then at times you can see more blue and it has that grey undertone.

Overall - I would say it is a good color neutral rather than neutral neutral.

Now its your turn - send me color options because frankly I still have a ways to go with this whole picking out colors thing!

- Sarah


  1. Love the colors you have picked so far! Calm and serene is what I am feeling :)