Bath Beginning

I wish I could say I had huge plans for the bathroom. Unfortunately, I don't.

The tile is super retro and definitely going to stay - other than that I am not really sure about anything - oh except the wall color.

My mom is a big believer in the "live in it first" idea, where you live there before really tearing anything up to get a feel for how you use certain items. For the bathroom, I am 100% on board with this idea. I really cant say if I like the long cabinet/counter top space, if I want one sink or two, or what kind of mirror/light fixture combo I am imagining.

Since I plan to occupy the bathroom as is and not do any major remodel just yet I figured why not at least give it a face lift.

First on the list: paint the cabinets WHITE! Though they aren't painted yet, they have been sanded down and are awaiting their fresh coat of liquid love.

Next up: Spray enamel on the bathroom tile. Have you heard of this? Its a process where the existing tile is sprayed with new enamel and comes out looks good as new! I plan on hiring a professional for this - because lets get real, I should never paint tile. That has disaster written all over it. That blue strip of tile you see will soon be white!

The lovely blue valance curtain thing has since been removed. RIP grandma curtains.

I plan on taking the doors off of my over the toilet cabinets to have exposed shelving. Currently I am envisioning cute baskets and rolled towels. You with me? However, this shelf paper is haunting my dreams.

Lastly, I am thinking a curved shower rod in hopes of adding a little room in the tub. Confession: It really grosses me out when a shower curtain touches me while I am showering - even if it is my own. Sick.

I cant claim that huge mountains have been moved in the bathroom thus far but I did recycle some of the kitchen cabinet pulls for the bathroom. The ones that were on the bathroom cabinets before were some sort of beaten copper. They are the same pulls my grandparents have on their cabinets if that says anything...


current before paint session

A can of Satin Nickel spray paint later and we are in business!

Wham bam thank you ma'am!

Any of you done a big bathroom remodel before? Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. Wow! best of luck, that looks like a huge project. My advice is to replace as many fixtures as you can-within your price range- with more modern ones! And pick a theme color, then go from there :)

  2. Who did you have re-enamel your bathroom tile? What "professional" did you hire for this. They did an awesome job and I have a bathroom that could definitely use some sprucing :) (

    1. Ashley - I had it dont locally and found a guy who did it through a friend. According to the painter it is a very major enamel paint that they use on cars?! Needless to say two years later it is still holding up like new.