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Bible Journaling

For so long I've felt this desire to really get serious about scripture memorization. At one point I had a small bound note pad that I would write a new scripture on every week but I never really took the time to memorize the verses. Such good intentions but no real follow through.

I've heard little bits here and there about bible journals for a while now but never really looked into them because... well... follow through.

Bible Journals are the same as regular bibles with various translations but they come with extra wide margins to write in. I use the word "write" loosely as you'll soon see there are people who have made this into an art.

Side note: I remember being about 6 or 8 and watching my Dad highlight and underline in his Bible one Sunday morning and being mortified that anyone would WRITE in their BIBLE. Almost as though the Bible was to be looked at and read but never really digested. How many of us still feel that way?

These gorgeous examples and more can be found on my Pinterest

 I figured before investing in all the "tools" I would give myself a week of using my normal journal (what up five star!) as a space to take a verse and sit with it. See what parts stand out at me. Write it down. Think through what God is really telling me. Then... create.

I'm no pro and I'm not looking for a perfect pretty outcome and like everything... its still a work in progress. BUT I do have to say this gets me excited to get into the word and, without a doubt, keeps my attention. My goal is to be very mindful to not get caught up in creating a pretty picture but instead to really process the words on the page. As a *semi* creative person the need to deliver a beautiful image can so easily overpower the whole reason for journaling in the first place. How true is that with so many other areas of our life?

My goal is to work through a chapter every few days and really be mindful of what I am reading and how it translates into my life. Today I keep reminding myself of "the riches of his grace".. such a beautiful reminder. Where I see flaws, Christ sees beauty.

In my Bible Journaling research I came across the most beautiful hand painted journaling bibles. Y'all these are a work of art. Katie, the artist, comes out with a few custom spots each month and a few ready to ship bibles at the same time. They go quick, so you've got to be on your toes but I can't see how you could ever find a prettier bible.

Gorgeous, right?!!?! Okay so tell me have you ever taken a stab at bible journaling? Let me know!

Until next time, Happy Friday Friends!

Thirty Before Thirty // Whats left

A few days ago hit it me that December is fast approaching, which means so is my Birthday. Such a mix bag of emotions, on one hand who doesn't love to eat cake and open presents but on the other hand... thirty. I still feel like I shouldn't be old enough to ride in the car with boys but here I am fastly approaching 3-0.

I'm getting a few things crossed off my list (new ones are highlighted in pink) but with 87 days left to go I need to get cracking!

1. Eat at a nice restaurant alone
2. Purge 100 items
3. Host a dinner
4. Try 10 new recipes // 4 recipes in
5. Visit a new beach
6. Learn to play tennis... again
7. Read 15 new books (audio books count!) // 5 books in
8. Visit Chicago // twice
9. Pay off all debt
10. Send snail mail
11. Read the entire bible
12. Feel comfortable in my own skin
13. Take a fabulous 30th birthday trip
14. Go to Vegas
15. Play hookie
16. Reconnect with an old friend
17. Go to a Mass service
18. Skinny Dip
19. Hit my goal savings amount
20. Organize the shed
21. Print my favorite photos
22. Pay for a strangers coffee
23. Learn to shoot a gun
24. Have a huge garage sale
25. Capture more every day life
26. Get Murphy out more
27. Establish a safe place for important documents
28. Learn to change a tire
29. Participate in Lent
30. Set three fitness goals and achieve them // working on this for sure!

When I was in Chicago this summer we took an afternoon to ride bikes down Lakeshore Drive and stop and put our toes in the sand! New beach - check! 

If you follow me on snapchat (sarahosu) you'll notice a lot more sweaty post tennis selfies. When I was in middle school/high school I played tennis and, in all honesty, liked it okay but didn't love it. In August I picked up my racket and started playing again. All it took was one night and I was hooked! Hooked! Now I play anywhere between 2-4 times a week and try to never miss a cardio tennis session. Its an hour an a half of cardio torture but its so fun and the 1200 cals burned aren't bad either! Tennis - check!

Recently I've been working with a local dog behaviorist to help with some of Murphy's anxiety and subsequent behaviors. We have made a lot of changes lately including allergy medicine, DAP diffusers, more play time, lots of toys, and (lots of) walks. I find the dog park and doggie daycare are his favorite places and lets be honest, a tired dog is a well behaved dog! I've learned so much from our (as I call her) dog whisperer about why dogs act the way they do and how their posturing can tell you so much! Needless to say, Murphy dog has enjoyed every moment and we have been getting out so much more! - Check!

One task you will notice crossed through is "feel comfortable in my own skin".... I could do so many blog posts around this but I'll spare you. This past year I have taken my mental health and emotional well being VERY seriously. For those that know me well, you know I have struggled for YEARS with extreme anxiety and panic. In March of this year I decided to take control and get off the medication I had been taking for 10 years. I started talking with someone about WHY I feel the way I do and WHY my feelings/emotions come out sideways. This has been one of the most enlightening and joy filled experiences ever. I can say with full confidence this is the first time ever that I have felt in control of my thoughts and reactions. This is the first time ever I have been able to calm myself down when the anxiety pokes and prods at every crevice of my soul. To have feelings, emotions, reactions is to be human and I am in no way saying that I don't ever feel anxious or panicked. What I am saying is that I finally I know the WHY behind it and that is a freeing feeling! - Check!

So there you have it - all the updates and so much more to accomplish! 87 days will fly by before I know it. Happy Thursday friends! 

Monday Musings

What a whirlwind week last week was. I headed to Chicago for work on Wednesday and came back mid Friday in time to pack up and go camping. No complaining here though, Chicago was gorgeous as always and the weather was to die for!

Lets get on with it!

1. Have you seen this???? From Asian to Kylie Jenner. I could watch these transformation/makeup videos on repeat.

2. I need to do a post on all things Murphy but for now I want to leave you with, Rover. Its like a babysitter finder for dogs and everyone comes with a background check and reviews. Amazing. I'm planning on trying out a new dog walker in the next couple of weeks! Murphy needs to let out energy and the backyard naps just aren't cutting it. My hope is a few regular walks a week and one day at doggie daycare will help him chillax a bit.

3. A few weeks ago I finished Bloodline on netflix and about died at the cliff hanger. Have you watched it? If not, go do it now. I will say it took me a few episodes to get REALLY into it but man oh man once you do you're hooked.

4. Speaking of shows... the fall line up's are about to start back and my little ABC loving heart cant wait. Scandal!!! Greys!!!! How to get away with murder!!! Ah

5. Jalapenos are in full on producing mode. These things are popping out more peppers than this Peter Piper can pick. I am currently at 4 jars of canned jalapenos and still trying to get the method perfected. Any tips? I seem to either fill them too full with peppers or not enough leaving them floating around in brine. Maybe thats okay though.... help?! Oh, those peppers not in the bowl are sweet peppers that I am thinking about drying out and turning into a spice.... Just call me Suzy homemaker over here.

6. I am out of town again this weekend/next week and the weekend after that... all I want to do is decorate for fall and light a sweet candle and put my feet up under a cozy blanket. Soon I hope soon!

Enjoy your Monday friends!

Monday Musings

because who can really put together a cohesive thought on a Monday morning. Hell, I'm lucky to remember to feed the dog and get my eyeliner on straight at the start of each week. 

1. This. So powerful. "traces the story of how an untested president, a sidearm-carrying general, top aides, the Secret Service and the Cipro-wielding White House physician, as well as five reporters, four radio operators, three pilots, two congressmen and a stenographer responded to 9/11."

2.  I tried this friday night (if you follow me on snapchat you saw the end result) and loved it!

3. We hit up the dog park on Sunday afternoon, exhausted dog and happy mom. I would say it was a success. 

4. Has anyone read, For the Love by Jen Hatmaker? I got it a few months back and have yet to start it... love it? hate it? tell me everything

5. Following this adoption journey makes my heart smile. 

6. I watched this story Friday night and it was such an eye opener, especially as someone who struggles daily with anxiety and has a history of alcoholism in my family. I can not begin to imagine the courage it must take to openly share like Elizabeth did. 

7. Do you watch Big Brother? Its been my favorite season so far. I just want to put Asian cowboy James in my pocket, hes seriously the best. Any bets on the winner? 

Thats all she wrote folks. Happy Monday!